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Keeping Company with Suzanne Somers – A Virtual Cocktail Hour!

An instagram post on March 23rd, from Suzanne, pointed to a short article about "Happy Hour at Big Al's Bar".
Since that article gives you the best run-down on what exactly this is, I won't re-write the tale.

However, I did come on today to just chat a little of all things "Suzanne Somers and Fam"!

Not only have I been enoying the "Big Al's Bar" content, but most content Suzanne, Alan and her daughter in-law, Caroline put out on a regular basis from their Facebook Live feed.
Once in a while you can also enjoy the company of Suzanne's son, Bruce, along with Bruce and Caroline's sweet pup Chi Chi.

From Actress, Singer, Author to Spokesperson, what a treat it has been to join Suzanne, her close family (and sometimes even extended family) on a regular basis in "real-life" and "real-time".

From allowing us into her kitchen for some intimate cooking sessions, or just popping by on a sunny afternoon with a cup of Big Al's famously delicious coffee; Suzanne offers a wealth of knowledge and education about the need for organic and real ingredients in the products we use, to combat the fight against today's ever changing World and its toxins. 

Of course, this including Suzanne's organic line of everything scrumptious (that you didn't know your body needed).
I'm talking hair care, skin care, and everything in between! 
Seriously.. She even has a line of olive oils that I am just
craaaving to try. 

Naturally, the very famous Thighmaster can be found on her site; and let's just say what another great way to pass time and shed those quarantined blues!

For the time being I have been indulging with a few of Suzanne's books.  
At bedtime with a nice cup of tea, I have been enjoying Breakthrough.

…during the day I have been browsing through her various recipe books for some simple dish ideas and inspiration.

What I am most excited to try though is the Suzanne Selects monthly subscription box.
Always only $39.99 with a minimum value of $125 in full sized product per box!
Pair that with free shipping within the USA and you truly have a spectacular deal.
Click for shipping rates if you do not reside in the US.

What's in the box?
If you're on the fence about joining a subscription box membership, or would like to know the products you will receive beforehand; join Suzanne and Caroline each month as they go through the products available in that specific months box.

Just keep watch on Suzanne's Facebook Page for dates and times of the reveal!
Click HERE to see what you will receive in the March 2020 Suzanne Selects Subscription Box.

While I have all intentions of writing more posts on the great products has to offer, I'll leave this one here.
Very simple and pointing you in the direction for a little laid back, family fun with Suzanne and Al as they host a Worldwide "virtual cocktail party", to help lighten the load and ease all our weary minds during this stressful time.

I'll be there with a freshly poured gin, so cheers to what's bound to be a wonderful hour!

Big Al's Bar Happy Hour Dates and Times:
March 25th, 5pm (pt) / 8pm (est)
March 27th, 5pm (pt) / 8pm (est)
Join in all the fun on Facebook!

Dare I say this?…
Yeah. I'm gonna say it…
Come and knock on her door, she'll be waiting for youuuu!

– I'll show myself out now 
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