Deadly Independence (Laura Pauling): A Review

Looking for a fun, cozy mystery to kick off your July 4th holiday?
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Deadly Independence
deadly independence review
Author:  Laura Pauling
 "Cheesecake, Love & Murder.  The Fourth of July means cookouts and celebrations. While selling cheesecake tortes at the fireworks–even though Holly's nemesis, Millicent Monroe, steals the show with over-the-top sales gimmicks–Holly rescues a napping lady from a stray firework.  Except Agatha Poppleton wasn't napping–she's dead…

My Review
It may be the steamy hot month of July, but Holly Hart will have you wanting to curl right up with a vanilla latte and a thick slice of cheesecake, this Independence Day!  
Set in the rural town of Fairview, New Hampshire – Holly and the gang bring in all the star-spangly thrills and spills as they bond together for another exciting "who-dun-it".
 All fingers point at Holly (especially Millicent's!) when Agatha Poppleton suddenly takes a  permanent turn for the worse; but things just aren't adding up.  Adding to the intensity of it all, is Trent's on and off attitude.  Are there sparks in the air or not?…and why so shady when it comes to answering questions about Charlene?  
If you enjoy a fun, colorful mystery and are looking for all the excitement of a 4th of July event, I'd say Deadly Independence has it!  This is Book 2 in the Holly Hart series (Footprints in the Frosting being the 1st) and I had no trouble following along, having read this as a stand alone.  I am excited to venture back to Book 1 and learn a little bit more of a background.  But as for the type of July 4th cozy mystery fun, Deadly Independence had exactly what I needed!  
Deadly Independence can be downloaded from or – Enjoy and Happy 4th of July!! 

My Rating
4 out of 5 Rockets – I'm thoroughly enjoying this series!!

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