Summer Movie List: Top 10 Personal Picks

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If you've stumbled across this (awesome) Top 10 Summer Movie List, I'm guessing 1 of 2 things:
1)  It's the dead of winter and the only thing that could possibly put a smile on your face right now, would be warm sand between your toes and a gentle tropical breeze on your face.  
2)  It's so dang hot out, sweat literally pours down your beautiful face the minute you've reached the front door, thus bringing you to one of those Lazy Days of Summer where it's just more pleasant to experience it from the inside :))  

Top 10 Summer Movies
No matter how you got here – Thanks for stopping by and let's get this kick-ass list started!

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Okay:  There are so so sooo many summertime movie lists on the web, that I really wanted to try and offer you one that isn't repetitive.  Listed are some of my personal favorites for summertime fun (no I am not 'forgetting' anything, but I had to narrow it down to a sane number haha).

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I love the 80s-90s, the beach and everything summer!
This list is definitely proof of that, with the exception of a few that I just find downright hi-larious or great. So go grab yourself an ice-cold refreshing beverage (lemonade with a twist of lime for me please!) and set up your shopping cart, because you are gonna want to stock up on these bitchin' flicks!

blue crush movie Blue Crush
 Not quite into the retro years yet, just a damn fine summer flick.  One of those summer movies you can't get enough of, because it involves   everything wonderful:  The ocean, surfing…and pretty people with problems :))  Grab Blue Crush from or



captain ron movieCaptain Ron
Do not let this one pass you by, this summer!  Kurt Russell and Martin Short team-up in this wave of old school hilarity.  All kinds of laugh out loud misadventures await when the kooky captain Ron is hired to get the Harvey family from point A to B on their newly inherited yacht!  Sail away with your copy of Captain Ron from or



cocktail movie coverCocktail
Way before Tom went totally cray, he was taking the nation by storm as a fairly decent actor sexy, sultry, up and coming star bartender by the name of Brian Flanagan.  He meets a best friend, later turned foe during a turn of events which leads them through some dark times and (maybe) a happy ending.  I love Tom. Crazy or not – He's a cool dude who nails his roles.  Don't skip out on this awesome summer throwback!  Grab Cocktail from or



Friday the 13th Part 1Friday the 13th
Easily a movie that could fit into a few categories, but I'm sticking it here because it involves Summer Camp and a bunch of camp counselors who basically have no hope in hell of getting out of there.  I have a crush on pretty much all the old-school villains, even the terrifying ones.  Okay yeah, I should probably save information like that for some counseling of my own. Anyway, if you're an old school horror fan, these are a great summertime pick for you!  Grab Friday the 13th Part 1 & 2 from or

License to Drive Movie CoverLicense to Drive
An absolute must-see this Summer.  I have always adored Corey Haim.  When I was about 9, I told everyone in school that Corey Haim was coming to my house for the weekend.  I was a celebrity for a day myself…until the teacher caught wind and called my parents to confirm.  Okay – So I'm over my pathological lying stage :))  Believe me when I say this is one movie that won't disappoint.  Bringing us right back to those retro-year crushes and memories!  Grab License to Drive from or


National Lampoons Vacation Movie CoverNational Lampoon's Vacation
Pile in the ol' station wagon for an event-filled trip across America in search of the ever-so-loved Theme Park known as Walley World! Oooh, I hope we're swingin' by Uncle Eddies too! So many laughs and adventures await! You can never go wrong with the Griswold's…Ever.  Grab National Lampoons Vacation from or



Summer Rental John CandySummer Rental
Ohh, John Candy.  Another amazing man who was taken too soon.  Always kind, quirky and caring.  I'm so thankful he will always be able to live on in our memories through each and every hilarious role he played.  This beach-themed film about a family vacation to Florida just screams Summer!  You're already laughing aren't you?  Grab the ice cream and hunker down for an hour and a half of funshine!  Scoop up Summer Rental from or


Summer School MovieSummer School
Freddy Shoop is an overworked, underpaid teacher whose students just do not give a $@#&.  When he finally gives up and decides beach-bum living would be a lot more fun, the students rally to win him back by proving (in all kinds of ridiculousness) that they can truly learn.  Laughs, Romance and the Beach.  You can't go wrong!  Join Mark Harmon, Kirstie Alley and Courtney Thorne-Smith for a downright feel good, classic summertime flick!  Grab Summer School from or


The Great Outdoors MovieThe Great Outdoors
I am literally 'adding to cart' as I type.  I cannot belieeeve I don't own this yet.  My husband introduced me to this hilarious flick and we've watched it ohhh about a billion times together now.  Watch brother-in law vs. brother in-law as they battle it out during (what was supposed to be) a peaceful family vacation at the cottage.   Another John Candy classic that you absolutely cannot go without in your collection!  Reel in The Great Outdoors from or



TThe Heartbreak Kid Moviehe Heartbreak Kid
Not so much a throwback, but definitely a must-have!
I'm going to be honest here…I am not a Stiller fan.  Not at all.  But this summer fun flick?… Absolute GOLD.  This is my go-to movie when I am feeling down because, it's laugh out loud (even when watching alone) funny!  Short run down: Eddie is a man growing old(er) without love.  He meets Lila, they fall in love and get married. They take a trip down to Cabo for a romantic honeymoon, when he quickly realizes Lila is bat-@$#% crazy. That's when the shenanigans begin! You're gonna looove this one!  Grab The Heartbreak Kid from or


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Well, my lemonade is done and it's about time to wrap up this fun summer movie list.   I guess for now I will impatiently wait by the door for my new copy of The Great Outdoors!!  Seriously – I need one hour delivery…Make that happen amazon :))
I hope you've enjoyed yourself and have gotten a few (new) summer movie ideas for those sweltering hot Lazy Days!

Until next time…Take care and chat with you all soon!