DIY: Ocean Water Detox Bath

It's no secret that those who live, breath and feel the ocean on a daily basis are happier and healthier.  That's because the beautiful wonders of the sea are simply…magical.
Sea Salt Detox BathIf you don't have the luxury of the ocean at your fingertips: Getting the wonderful nutrients that it brings, takes only a few simple steps.  Join me today for a DIY Sea Salt Detox Bath.

A sea salt detox bath is amazing because you don't have to have all the fancy bells and whistles.  You know, like the actual ocean :))  Hell, you don't even have to have a "fabulous" bathtub.  All that matters is that you're giving your body what it craves…The benefits of the sea.

Let's do a little prepping before we dive in:

1Make sure your bathtub is cleaned thoroughly.  Since you are cleansing your body, you don't want to put back any left over dirt and grime from the last person to have a bath or shower.  A sparkly clean tub is the place to start!

2Put your hair up!  I love to rub a bit of coconut oil through my hands (not much) or spritz on some Sea Salt Spray and toss my hair in a bun.

3Get yourself a BIG glass of ice water.  Drinking ice water while taking a HOT detox bath helps to cleanse your system as well.  Want to fancy it up?  Throw in a few cucumber slices for that burst of electrolytes.


Let's get started on our bath!

You Will Need:
3 Tbsp Sea Salt
1/4 Cup Baking Soda
1/2 to 1 Cup Epsom Salt
Approx. 10 Drops Spearmint Essential Oil (or your choice of oil)
Optional: Coconut Oil (for your hair!)

Is your hair up?  Do you have your big glass of ice water?…

Since this is a detox bath, you will not be adding anything else to your bath water.  If you need to wash your hair, shave your legs etc…Do this before hand, not in your bath water!
Now fill your tub with as hot as water you are able to handle and with enough water that you will be able to soak properly.  The hot water is essential in a detox bath as you will be sweating out the toxins in your body.  Put your head back on a rolled up towel or bath pillow and relax for at least 20 minutes with your body immersed into the water.  Some soothing music (perhaps sounds of the ocean waves) is a nice accompaniment 🙂  Don't forget to drink your big glass of ice water throughout!!   

heartAfter your bath:
It is important to remain "clean".  This means no lotions, no tanners, no eating etc.  If you *must* have something to drink, a cup of hot herbal black tea (which also helps to replenish your body) is a good choice, water as well (of course!).  Ideally, it's best to rest right after – You'll want to anyway, since you're so relaxed!


Relax and shop the ingredients for your perfect Ocean Sea Salt Bath!

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