DIY: Ocean Water Detox Bath

It's no secret that those who live, breath and feel the ocean on a daily basis are happier and healthier.  That's because the beautiful wonders of the sea are simply…magical.
Sea Salt Detox BathIf you don't have the luxury of the ocean at your fingertips: Getting the wonderful nutrients that it brings, takes only a few simple steps.  Join me today for a DIY Sea Salt Detox Bath.

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Citrus-Dreams Natural Sore Muscle Soother

When it comes to finding a natural cure for those sore muscles, finding the right combination that works for you can be frustrating.
I’ve put together a citrusy and refreshing combination that works amazing (for me) and hope this will benefit you too!

natural sore muscle cure

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Tips & Tricks that may help calm your Migraine

How to Calm a Migraine
As migraine sufferers we will go to the end of the Earth to find a cure. While there may not be a cure readily available for us at the time being, it will never stop our constant struggle for seeking out basically
anything to help calm our heads while under attack.

how to cure a migraineCome join me now for a few personal tips on how to calm your migraine 🙂

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Positive Living: New Year, New You…For Real.

With a new year arriving many of us start out on the notion of "New Year, New Me".  But as weeks and months go on, we tend to fall back into the same pattern as years gone by, without any resolution to the things that plague us.

New Year New You

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