Modern Family Cookbook: Review

Calling all Modern Family fans!  From healthy to sweet, you're in for a treat!
modern family cookbookJoin me today for my review of the Modern Family Cookbook.

To say this is 'just a cookbook' to me, would be an understatement.  
Modern Family has gotten me through some very rough days and has been a joy to accompany me on the great days.  It's not just a show to my family – Modern Family, is part of our family! heart My husband is very much the Phil of our household with myself being a blend of Mitch, Cam..and Haley haha.

What I love about the Modern Family Cookbook, is that it's fun and interactive.  This is a book I keep out on our coffee table (or at my bedside).  I love flipping through, reading the trivia, little blurbs and one of my favorite aspects of this cookbook is the cross referenced Table of Contents.  Not something you see often and it's a gem to use!  The big, bold photos of the cast and recipes make for eye-catching, colorful reading.  Lots of little additions to keep you entertained and hold your attention, such as the write up on Cam in the Weekly Saver "Gay Coach Breaks Records and Stereotypes".  
cam tucker newspaper articleHardcore fans of the show will likely recall many of the recipes. Such things as Diane's Cornbread and Dede's Horny Colombian Cocktails laugh  There is an abundance of little detail packed into this cookbook that really it'd take me quite a while to get into it all.  Color coded style, suggested menus and so much more!!
Okay – Now for a few teasers.  Since receiving this cookbook, I have tried out quite a few of these recipes (my new goal for this year is to try them all!).  My apologies, I'm not the best of picture taker – Mainly because I have no idea how to move out of my own lighting haha – But I have managed to score a few (acceptable) photos from a few recipes from the book that I have personally tried out!
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modern family cookbook recipes

Is your mouth watering yet?  I have to tell you, although not pictured…Cam and Mitchell's Parmesan Baked Chicken is absolutely delicious.  I mean, enough that I made it twice in one week and ate it 4 out of 7 days.  I love that the majority of these recipes are super simple and made with ingredients you (most likely) already have on hand. With more than 100 recipes ranging from healthy to holidays, (and 252 pages of enjoyable content) I can almost guarantee you are going to find some crowd pleasers!  I am excited to have a few great recipes to throw into our family's rotation, too!
The Modern Family Cookbook would make an amazing addition to any Modern Family Fan's household or bookshelf and even those who may not be on the up and up with knowledge of the show.  If you love delicious, easy and FUN recipes…This is a wonderful book to get started with.  Amazing for gift-giving…or even just a little treat for yourself!  Either way, I don't think the Modern Family Cookbook will disappoint!

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Enjoy!! laugh

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