John Frieda Beach Blonde Review

Beach Babes…Suit up!
Your favorite shampoo and conditioner combo for Summer 2015 has arrived.

John Frieda Beach Blonde

Recently I discovered my hair has become increasingly oily.
I’m going to guess the issue is thyroid/hormone related (but that’s a whole other blog post for another day..or maybe never haha).
Whatever it may be – I was struggling big time with this.
My hair became unruly and unmanageable.  I had to seek out something (and quick!) to rectify the problem.  I finally figured a ‘natural’ way to combat the oil (post coming soon).
Aside from learning to control the problem, I needed more than just a ‘fix’…I needed a good shampoo and conditioner that would combine well with this new regime.
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I started searching for “clean” shampoos and happen to come across a review for John Frieda’s Beach Blonde. I’m going to be honest and say mainly the name caught my eye.  Who doesn’t love that Beach Babe look?!  Nonetheless, I was intrigued.
I grabbed myself the shampoo and conditioner only, as my hair is already naturally wavy.
In hindsight, what was I thinking? I regret not grabbing the Beach Blonde Sea Waves Salt Spray.

John Frieda Beach Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner
Cool Dip Purifying Shampoo Benefits:
Lightweight, mild, low PH cleanser-infused with energizing mint and seaweed extracts.
Cleanses thirsty, heat damaged hair.

John Frieda Beach Blonde Results


Amazing on oily hair.
 What a difference this had made on not only how my hair looks, but feels.
 The SHINE baby, the SHINE!

I cannot remember the last time my hair looked like this, or if in fact my hair has ever looked like this.  I have been getting compliments out the wazoo :))





Smooth Seas Detangling Conditioner:
Unties knots and snags. Infused with energizing mint.

When I tell you my hair had gotten to the point of unmanageable and unruly, I mean: I was afraid to brush it.
The thought of running a brush through my {hair wet or dry} would send me in a straight panic.  Today, I am brushing my hair with this:

Hard Bristle Hairbrush
Amazing?  Yep.

Girls, aside from the awesome benefits of the Beach Babe Shampoo and Conditioner, comes a scent like you would not believe.
I mean, can I ask beg John Frieda for a body wash, moisturizer and candle in this scent?!
Short of smothering friends and family with my hair, I could not possibly stress enough how amazingly wonderful this smells.

Beach Blonde has hit the nail on the head with the claim of  “Smooth Seas“…It’s been smooth seas and smooth sailing ever since.
There is no doubt in my mind, you won’t love the Beach Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner line.  The best part?  It’s not only for blondes!
Be prepared for a invigorating delicious treat and let’s get those luscious locks, Summer-Ready!

John Frieda…I could kiss you!
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