Tommy Bahama Very Cool Cologne Review

Although the Tommy BahamaVery Cool was first introduced in 2006, I feel it is very worthy of a short, personal review today, in 2015.  I grabbed this cologne on a whim for my husband the other day, not really knowing what to expect.  
It a was sealed in box bottle, with no tester in sight, so I had to go on instinct

Tommy Bahama Very Cool Cologne

I love choosing my husbands cologne {and not just because I'm so bossy} haha.
I think most of us ladies can agree, we want our men smelling delicious and preferably in a scent that not only they're going to love, but in which we love too.

Tommy Bahama Very Cool Cologne Review

Scents represent so many things, such as a feeling, the time of day, events, different attire and weather.  At least personally, this is how I go about choosing a fragrance.  I love having options and I believe men should have options as well.

I have only ever found one cologne I absolutely adored on my husband. Beckham David Instinct.  
I believe the David Beckham to be more of an evening attire type of scent that's great for a night out on the town.
It is a little heavier fragrance and not so much a scent that would be donned for hot summer days out on the golf course or just relaxing and taking it easy.

I digress…

Tommy Bahama Very Cool for Men

I have always loved the Tommy Bahama line, which I actively search out for my husband. Tommy Bahama is a line you can feel confident about; with both elegantly gorgeous and fun beachwear along with an array of grooming and scented products.

Keeping that in mind, I felt alright in making the purchase without a smell-test.
Generally, I would never do this, but I'm so glad I did.

To begin, I adore the Very Cool glass bottle, which quaintly mimics that of a bottle of Patron.
A perfectly clear glass bottle, with a tiny raised palm tree and a shiny silver cap.  To me, that screams Summer…
Hot days lounging at the beach, followed by warm nights, cocktails and laughter with friends out on the deck.

Very Cool is a nice, clean, fresh scent, which is mildly musky.
If you are not a fan of the 'musk' fragrance, don't worry…neither am I.  Very Cool is perfectly combined with low peppery notes and a zing of citrus.

This is perfect for the Summer day-time heat, with a relaxing scent that is not overbearing.

If I had to describe the fragrance, I would say this is a subtle mix of Ralph Lauren Polo Sport and Davidoff Cool Water (with a hint of woodsy-musk) – But it is not a scent that will have you reminiscing of old high school boyfriends who bathed in their cologne.

Tommy Bahama Very Cool

Tommy Bahama Very Cool for men is a perfectly delicious fragrance for the laid back man right to the business man who daydreams of Caribbean love and a gorgeous tropical breeze.

To my knowledge this cologne has actually been discontinued.
However, I purchased this bottle from a department store in June 2015.
So keep your eyes open if this is one that may interest you!

I hope you will enjoy this awesome cologne as much as my husband and I both do!

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This is not a sponsored post.
All items have been personally purchased

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