6 Simple Ways to Always Look Put Together

Just how do they do it?  You know who I'm talking about… those ladies (and gents) who always have that clean, polished look!  Follow me inside for 6 simple ways to always look put together…

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Now remember, we aren't going for a day at the spa here.  So you won't be seeing any "deep cleansing" on skin, or fancy clothing and jewelry.  These are just some super simple ways to keep yourself looking fresh and fab everyday.  Beauty absolutely does not have to include all the bells and whistles!


6 Simple Ways to Always Look Put Together


1. Hygiene
Okay so it's Sunday morning and you really don't feel like your normal routine of showering, shaving, hair wash etc.  I get it.  And since this post is all about an easy put-together routine, we aren't about to go through all that.  Assuming you don't actually need a full on shower, a quick refreshing wipe of face and neck should suffice.  I like to refresh my arms as well, leaving a nice clean layer for my moisturizer.  I like to use a nice warm cloth, followed by a cool rinse to really get the blood flowing!

2. Glowy Face
A nice glowy face does not necessarily mean slapping on a few coats of foundation, or even any make-up really.  It simply means to wake up your skin by giving it that fresh-faced look.  A few ways to achieve this, and very quickly: 

• Dry Brush Your Face.  Dry brushing takes mere seconds of your time, but has major benefits ranging from increasing circulation, unclogging pores, and anti-aging.  You can pick up a dry brush for face at a fairly reasonable price on amazon.com or amazon.ca.  Here is an easy tutorial for a quick dry brush facial. Dry brushing should not be done on broken or irritated skin.  Also insure that your skin is DRY before proceeding 🙂

Quick Wash.  Yes, just a quick wash with your facecloth.  Remember, we aren't going for a deep cleanse, face masks and acne treatments here (unless of course you daily spot treat).  Just a quick refresh will do the trick for those lazy (but put-together) days.

Moisturize.  This is your not-so-dirty, little secret.  A clean face plumped up with a bit of your favorite face oil or cream, is really all that's needed for a clean, refreshed look.  My new favorite is the Organic Manuka Honey Skin Cream.  As someone with very sensitive skin, I can say this skin cream has been a major game changer! I use it on both face and body with no issues.

Mascara. Although I said we weren't really going into a makeup routine (and we aren't), mascara is a great way to get those eyes looking wide eyed and refreshed!  A quick swipe or two of this magic and we're off!

Lipstick (or lip balm). Again, neutrals give that clean, fresh put together look.  A little goes a long way with a glistening balm or neutral toned lip color.

3. Hair
I'm going to be honest here; some are able to pull off the "messy bun" look, but it's definitely not for everyone (myself included).  Now if you'd like to try getting that messy bun look down pat so it can be for you…Here's a quick tutorial I found online.  Some other great ways to get that put-together look for hair, but with minimal effort: A nice Dry Shampoo. Dry shampoos give that revive your hair needs by removing excess oils and giving you that "fresh" look.  A quick spritz and a nice fluff of the hair should do the trick.  Hair still finicky?  Try a slicked back pony tail or low bun.

4. Match
Whether you're lounging around, or just going for an easy brunch with the girls, matching is another key point to looking put together.  This kind of going back to the "messy" bun, but pertaining to clothes.  Some looks are just not for everyone.  Search out some outfit ideas on Pinterest, and give a few different looks a try.  Keep an open mind and give those ones you may not think will suit you a try…You may wind up pleasantly surprised at just how great you look! Keeping our clothing colors (and outfit in general) simple is another easy way to achieve that put-together look.  Try a crisp white tank, tucked into blue jeans.  Throw on a tan colored belt and some strappy sandals to tie that outfit in.  Try to refrain from clothing with wrinkles, stains, loose strings and the like, as it can really take away from a nice, clean look.

5. Delicate Pieces
If you insist on wearing jewelry, delicate pieces give that nice clean look.  Keep it minimal though!  A simple cross, small gold hoops or smaller diamond studs always give a nice clean look.

6. Scent
I truly believe a nice scent is what really brings a put-together look, together.  Signature scents are great; but during the different seasons, a new scent can be a welcoming change.  Try light flowery or candy scent for Spring.  Lemon, or other zesty citruses, even coconut for Summer. Light musky scents in Fall.. and of course, delicious warm, bakery type scents throughout Winter, such as vanilla.

What other great tips would you add for achieving a quick and polished look?