Halloween Costume and Party Ideas | Adult and Children Halloween Party Ideas

Spooky season is just around the corner, and there's no time like the present to start planning those Halloween get-togethers and parties!…

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My bad habit is leaving things (all the things) until the absolute last minute and then becoming overwhelmed when there is too much on my plate – relatable? haha.  

Planning any holiday gatherings well in advanced is really the way to go here, and not only for the ease of less work in the long run; it also gives plenty of time to make any necessary changes to guest lists or menus and even brainstorm a little longer with ideas. 

Which also brings me to this particular list.  With just a handful of ideas to start us off, I just know "in time" more ideas will come.  So be sure to bookmark and head on back, because we'll be adding to this list as the ideas roll in!

Halloween Costume and Theme Party Ideas for Adults and Kids 

Halloween Costume Party Ideas for Adults:
• Best "futuristic" costume
• Best Zombie
• Fairy Tale or Nursery Rhyme (scary of course 😉 )
• Famous faces/ghosts of the past
• Favorite killers or villains from movies
• Favorite TV Show Couple
• Hippie Days (Hippie Daze)
• Roaring Twenties
• Witches and Warlocks

Halloween Theme Party Ideas for Adults:
• Escape Room
• Haunted House party
• Murder Mystery / Who-Dun-It Party
• Scary Movie Marathon (Trilogies like The ConjuringInsidious, Paranormal Activity etc)


Halloween Costume Party Ideas for Kids:
• Character from favorite movie
• Circus Performer
• Monster Bash
• Parents Occupation
• "What do you want to be when you grow up"
• Witches and Warlocks
• Zombies
• Zoo Theme

Halloween Theme Party Ideas for Kids:
Harry Potter
Haunted Camp Night Sleepover
Haunted House or Haunted Walk
• Pumpkin Carving or Mini Pumpkin Decorating
• Pumpkin Patch
• Spooky Cookie Decorating
• Spooky Movie Marathon (Casper, Ghost Dad, Scooby Doo Halloween etc)

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Now that you've planned the theme and a few prize ideas for your Halloween party; why not check out some great games to incorporate!  
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