A Virtual Mother’s Day

Mother's Day in Quarantine

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Mothers Day 2020 is just around the corner, and for many this would normally mean a nice day out or some quality time spent together.  As May 10th approaches you may find yourself feeling a little blue if your plans have been put on hold due to the current World events. The thought of "Mother's Day in Quarantine" sounds positively dismal.

While this may not exactly replace the wholesome gathering which was planned, I do have a few fun ideas that may work.
Some of these ideas do require video messaging and the use of your computer, so hopefully mom is up to date and ready to roll for a virtually fun day!

Video Lunch

This idea could work a few ways.
If you live near mom, but can't see her; why not whip up a nice little lunch for the 2 of you.
Pack up a portion and drop it off at her home.

If you're too far away from Mom to drop of a meal prepped from yourself, perhaps there is a delivery service available (Door Dash, Skip the Dishes etc) and you can send mom over a delicious meal from her favorite restaurant, or a place she has wanted to try.

On Mother's Day, fire up that Skype, Messenger Cam or whatever it is you use for video chatting and join each other for lunch and a chat. We may not physically be able to join our moms that day, but it certainly doesn't mean we still can't share a nice meal together.

A Virtual Tour

Did you have plans to take mom somewhere special this Mother's Day?
While I can't guarantee you'll find exactly where you had planned to go, there are tons of options around the web for virtual or walking tours.  A quick YouTube (or even Google) search will pull up related videos to where your traveling hearts desire. 

Take some time before Mother's Day to search some beautiful places and videos from around the World and pick the perfect "day out" to surprise mom with.

Perhaps you'll both love to put on a pot of tea, fire up that web cam and take a virtual tour through the beautiful Butchart Gardens in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, Canada.

Or maybe you'd love to spend a while on a virtual ocean view patio with light hors d'oeuvres and a cocktail or two.   
If you're looking for a little variety when it comes to ocean views, head over to sunny.org.

With 13 different locations to choose from, this is a one stop shop when it comes to finding perfect LIVE beach views all over Greater Fort Lauderdale.

The World really is your oyster when it comes to finding virtual tours and making the most of a day in, when you can't venture out.

If the virtual tours and web cam ideas aren't really your thing, I still have a few more ideas up my sleeve.

Pamper at Home with Beauty To-Go

Spa days are a popular way to get in some quality one on one Mother-Daughter time, but again…this year may prove a tad difficult in doing so.  We do however, have another option here of sending some "me-time" relaxation over to Mom!

You may have heard about a popular trend called Subscription Boxes. 
With so many options out there, I am just going to narrow this down quickly, to a very nice one:  Suzanne Selects Subscription Box

This is a monthly subscription box for only $39.99 which comes filled with full sized products worth at least $125.
You have the option to receive (or, mom will receive I should say 😉 ) a box every one, two or three months.
If you'd like to just send the one for a Mother's Day treat, simply cancel after the first order!

Note about ordering:  If you place your order for the Suzanne Selects Subscription Box in April, you will receive April's box. 
So if you're looking for the May box, you must place your order in MAY!

** Please remember a delivery in time for Mother's Day may not be feasible.

Alternatively, you can go direct to suzannesomers.com and choose from a vast variety of toxic free and cruelty free products ranging anywhere from makeup to skin care, and even to Suzanne's books or her famous Thigh Master

Gifting Something Out of the Ordinary

Of course we do always have the option of sending flowers, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with gifting a colorful bundle to brighten mom's day… 
But I really wanted to try and make this list about ideas that aren't so traditional.

Is there a course mom has always wanted to take? 
Or perhaps a talent she is hoping to learn?

Whether it be a course, gift card or a discounted night out somewhere local; both WagJag and Groupon offer a decently mixed selection of unique things to do both on and off line!

An Added Bonus

If you're not a member of rakuten.ca or rakuten.com (formally known as ebates), I highly suggest signing up for your free cash back account!  I have been using both these sites for about 7 years.  No muss, no fuss, just cash back!
Not sure what this site is?  Grab the details HERE

OH! …
And if you are hoping to send those pretty flowers, Rakuten offers cash back to online flower sites, such as 1800Flowers, FTD and Teleflora!


Go Beyond with Learning

Has mom always wanted to learn a different language?
…is there something really unique she has always hoped to learn in a higher education? 
Depending on your budget and the course mom may be interested in, you could always check out coursera.org

Higher Education a tad too much for the budget or not quite mom's style?

Why not something fun and a little less stressful, such as an online Tarot Course or an online Flower Arranging Class.

For whatever her pleasure, a World of Virtual fun and education, awaits!

I hope you have found this short list helpful…

Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy and Safe, Virtual Mother's Day!