The Secret to Silky Smooth Legs

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How to Get Silky Smooth Legs

Who's ready to get those legs silky smooth with a gorgeous beach-glowing finish?

This method of shaving helps to minimize the look of those little black dots we frequently see on our legs after shaving (also known as "strawberry legs") helps calm inflammation by reducing razor burn, and leaving very minimal (if any) stubble behind!

It is a win-win for perfectly beautiful, silky smooth legs.

Let's get to it…

Pick a Nice Exfoliant
Ideally, you will want to choose a cleanser that is not only nourishing, but safe for your skin.
Choosing products that are toxic-free and chemical free are extremely important, especially with the knowledge we now have access to in regards to the hazards of certain brands and/or ingredients.

If you are still on the hunt for the perfect line-up of cruelty free, toxic free, chemical free and organic (meaning SAFE for your skin and body) – Suzanne Somers offers a large variety of amazing products, including a delicious Acai Exfoliating Polish for skin:
With your exfoliant, gently massage legs one at a time for a good minute or so.
You really want to work in those little exfoliating beads and schluff off that dead, dry skin. 
This massage is a great way to get some good blood flow through your legs as well.

After a minute, rinse and repeat for the next leg.

When you have finished exfoliating and your legs are rinsed and clean from any soap, next your going to grab our secret silky smooth, weapon.

Coconut Oil

It doesn't matter which coconut oil you use, just look for one that is 100% cold-pressed coconut oil.

You don't need to use a ton of coconut oil to achieve your goal, so don't lather and suds yourself up like you would with a soap.
A quarter sized amount or so per leg should do the trick.

Simply smooth on, shave, rinse and repeat for the next leg.

Rinse off with clean, cool water, and it's time to hop out of the shower.

While drying off, pat your legs with the towel…Don't rub!
Rubbing your skin encourages aging, dryness, irritation and inflammation.

Once you are fully dried off, you can lotion up your body as you normally would.
However, I have found that my legs are so silky smooth after this process, I don't generally lotion
them until the next day.

NOTE: If you are a self-tanner, you have now set the perfect canvas to apply your tanning lotion – Enjoy!