Making the Special Anniversary Count

Everyone who’s been invited to a wedding knows how tricky it can be to find the perfect present. Ultimately, you want to pick something meaningful for the bride and groom. However, most couples live together before they get married, which means that they’re likely to have everything they need. In terms of wedding presents, guests can be creative and offer the couple something symbolic and poetic, such as a Mr & Mrs plaque or a unique photo frame. 

But if you thought wedding presents were difficult, finding the perfect anniversary gift for your parents or even your grandparents can feel like an impossible challenge. What are you to give people who have already spent a long time together? More importantly, is there something they don’t have? If you’re racking your brain nervously in the hope of finding The Idea that would save the day, here are three anniversary winners that show how much you care.

Wish a Happy Anniversary to Your Relatives

Take inspiration from the Just Married car imagery
Everybody loves the idea of a car driving away in the distance while dragging a few empty cans on the ground. Across the back window, the words “Just Married” let drivers know that this is your special moment. Admittedly, you can’t quite reproduce the “Just Married” feeling after 25, 30 or 50 years of marriage. But you can tap into your knowledge of the couple to find something that will make the drive just as magical. Why not take a look at premium personalised number plates on for a surprise gift? If you’re looking for a love theme, L88 OVE is currently on offer for under £1,000. 

Get a photo shooting that let them revive the magic
Did you have a peek at your parents’ wedding photo album when you were a child, holding your breath as you admired your mother’s dress? More couples get only one taste of the romance of wedding photography. But what’s stopping you from organising a second wedding photoshoot for their anniversary? Take a look for inspiration at the story of Ginger and George on The couple have been married for 60 years, and last month their family planned for new photos to be taken where they first tied the knot. The result is a happy mixture of romance, beauty, and emotion.

The Trip of a Lifetime

We all have a bucket list of the places we’d love to visit. In all likelihood, your parents or your grandparents – depending on who is celebrating their anniversary – dream of countries they’ve never visited. So if you want them to celebrate the anniversary with style, why not arrange with your family to send them on holiday in one of their dream locations? You can choose to set up a crowdfunding page and share it with your relatives – as long as you can keep it secret from the happy couple. It’s a good idea for senior travellers to check with their doctors about any potential risk to take into account so that you can plan a safe and relaxing trip.

Celebrating a big anniversary is an exciting experience. It is not only a testimony of love, but it’s a way as well for you to thank your parents or grandparents for being positive role models who stick together. So yes, you always want to celebrate love in the most romantic way!

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