Wedding Gift Inspiration


wedding gift inspiration

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Buying a wedding present is one of the most difficult and frustrating celebrations to shop for. There are so many clichéd presents available that it is hard to stray away from the obvious and buy something unique and exciting which has that all important elusive ‘wow’ factor. Unusual wedding gifts are far and few to come by.

One of the reasons why buying a wedding present for the lucky couple is a difficult procedure is because you are buying for two people rather than one, and this is especially more troublesome when the individuals are of the same sex. Nevertheless, if you search hard enough you will find a gift which makes the couple elated. As we all know, searching and scouring through endless pages on the internet can be a lengthy and tedious process, so we’ve cut that out and compiled a list of some great unique and original wedding gift ideas.

Send Flowers
Flowers play such an important role in a wedding, and so a flower delivery could be the perfect gift. One of the reasons why flowers make such wonderful gifts is because they all carry their own unique meaning, which allows you to send a special message to the recipient. So, we are going to look at the meanings of some of the most popular flowers to help you decide on the best flowers to choose.

There is only one place to begin, and this is with the rose, which is the symbol of love. However, this flower can signify love in different forms, depending on the colour of the rose. For example, red roses express passionate love, lavender roses signify love at first sight, and yellow roses symbolize love of the friendship kind.

Orchid silk flowers are also popular, and they symbolize femininity, mature charm, and refinement. They represent a thoughtful gift for a friend. Hydrangeas are ideal if you wish to express gratitude for something, as they represent heartfelt emotion. Gerberas offer a great way of cheering someone up, as they are associated with joy and cheerfulness.

Carnations symbolize beauty and pride, but like other artificial silk flowers, their meaning changes based on their colour. For example, pink carnations symbolize the love of a mother while yellow carnations are for disappointment or rejection. Last but not least, if you are looking for the perfect flower for a friend, Alstroemeria is ideal. This is the flower of friendship and it also symbolize fortune and prosperity.

Photo Frame featuring Special Image
Many people consider buying the happy couple a photo frame with the words ‘just married’ and alike featured.
This is, of course, not an original present. However, you can spice up a photo frame by opting for a classy and unique designed frame. Nevertheless, the most important and personal part is what is found inside the frame.
A lot of people tend to leave the photo frame empty so that the couple can fill it themselves but I would suggest hunting down an image an placing it inside as it is ensured to touch their hearts and show that you have put in a lot of thought and effort.

Mr & Mrs Block or Plaque
This is a quirky and exciting present. It allows the couple to display their love, affection and commitment to each other in a cute manner. It provides a lovely alternative to a photo frame and can be placed in any room, making it a versatile present. There are lots of other stunning gifts like this for the home that you could purchase, so you can shop around for these.

A Voucher
A voucher may not sound like the most exciting gift in the world, but it can be a well-received wedding present. You could get a gift voucher for a home store so that the couple can purchase something nice for their house. Or, you could get a gift voucher that is valid with different travel companies, so that the happy couple can put the money towards their honeymoon. If they have already purchased their honeymoon, why not put together a little hamper with gifts relevant to their holiday? This could include a travel book as well as some other little gifts. This is a thoughtful present that is assured to impress.

A few truly unique options…
It is often hard to decide what to buy someone for their wedding present. In fact it is one of the hardest celebrations to come up with something original. We all search for unusual wedding gifts but usually end up going for the same old gift that half the guests have probably bought.
To help you out, here’s some exciting and unique ideas…

Ice container and shot or short glass: Instead of going for traditional wine glasses this is a more exciting and original option.

 Scented draw liner or sachet: This is something you would never think to buy yourself but it is certainly a well received gift.
Scented sachets give your cupboards, drawers and wardrobes a gorgeous smell and are the perfect present for newlyweds.

Digital camera: A camera is a great idea because it allows the new couple to capture the special moments in their relationship.

So there you have it; some wedding gifts that are guaranteed to make the happy couple smile even more on their big day. We hope that you have found an idea that you are happy with for the couple.

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