Corn Salad

vegan corn salad

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Quick & Easy Corn Salad

1 can of corn (11 oz)
1 Cup Black Beans (canned or pre cooked)
1 tsp of Fresh Garlic
1/2 tsp Chili Powder
A few **Sundried tomatoes, chopped fine
1 Tbsp of jalapenos (I used pre-sliced, jarred jalapenos and just chop up small)
Lime Juice
** If you don't have sundried tomatoes, add a handful of chopped cherry/grape tomatoes

Set the burner to about 4 (medium low heat)
In a pan warm 1 tsp olive oil.
toss in corn, black beans, sundried tomatoes and garlic.
Sprinkle on the 1/2 tsp Chili Powder

Warm mixture for about 5 minutes adding in a little water or veggie broth so nothing sticks.
Next, add the chopped jalapenos.
…at this time I also add in a little sea salt (about 1/8 tsp) and a little black pepper (about 1/4 tsp).
Warm for another 3 minutes or so, allowing the flavors to combine nicely.
Remove from heat.
Toss in a handful of fresh cilantro and about a tsp of lime juice.
Taste and adjust.

Please remember to use your own discretion when it comes to adding in things such as salt, pepper, chili powder etc.  What's right for me, may not be right for you!

This salad is great warm right off the oven, or chilled in the fridge for a few hours.
I love serving it on top of Vegan Carnitas from the Modern Family Cookbook.
Note: "Gloria's Carnitas al Diablo" are not a vegan recipe; however, I just replace the pork with a few cans of Jackfruit and add an additional cup of tomato sauce into the Crockpot 🙂