How to Quickly Stop a Toothache

How to quickly stop a toothache

how-to-quickly-stop-a-toothacheCome on in and I'll show you a fast and effective way to naturally calm that toothache in minutes…

You Will Need:
A few cloves of fresh garlic

Easy peasy, let's do this and get you feeling a little better!…

Thinly slice your clove(s) of garlic, making sure to have all "sides" exposed.
Taking one slice at a time, place on the gum line of the tooth that is sore and hold. The garlic will be between your cheek and gum.
Garlic is spicy, so this may seem to burn a little, but trust me… HOLD IT! The garlic slice is working its magic. 
Make sure you are near the sink and do not swallow. Change up the garlic slices every minute or so, putting a fresh one in place.
Within a few minutes, you should feel the pain of your tooth start to disappear.
This method has NEVER failed me and is a great way to calm the pain before needing to sleep, or until you can get into your dentist.

Side Note: Minced Garlic from the fridge *will* work (I have used that method), however it may take a little longer as it will have oils and other ingredients mixed in there; plus your chances of swallowing the garlic increases greatly 😉
But if you're in a pinch..Go for it!! 

Come on over and watch this short demo on YouTube!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this has helped you out!
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