DIY Sea Salt Spray

DIY Sea Salt Beach Spray
how to make sea salt sprayBringing you the scent and feel of the Ocean, any time….

Finally, the hot weather has arrived and it’s time to get our beachy-look on!  Aside from the beautiful bronzed faces we all long for, we also can’t get enough of that summertime hair!  Let’s get our sea salty waves on shall we?…

You Will Need
1/2 tsp Hair Gel
1/2 tsp Conditioner
1 Cup Distilled Water
3 Drops of Spearmint Oil
1/2 Tbsp Coconut Oil, melted
New (or well cleaned) Spray Bottle
1-2 tsp of Pure Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

heart Tap Water is fine, however; distilled water has had impurities removed, which will keep your sea salt spray from clouding and becoming stagnant.

Add ingredients to water bottle and shake until well blended.  Essentially you could also whisk ingredients together in a bowl until well blended and add to water bottle.  Before each use, shake again to blend – Enjoy!!

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