Fun Movie Suggestions for Couples

I gotta tell ya, the struggle is real around here, when it comes to a Saturday night movie suggestion. 
movies for couples
Are you one of those couples that by the time you've picked the movie, it's one neither of you could care less about and you're both ready for bed now anyway?  Alright then, follow me…  

The day I realized this had become *such* a problem was a Monday morning and I had already begun scouring the internet, making notes on movie recommendations for the coming weekend.  All I wanted was for someone to throw a big list of random movies, any category, ALL categories…I don't care categories at me and say "Go nuts..Pick one".  Are you with me on this, people?

With these suggestions come a few movie titles that have:

•  Nothing too "deep"
•  Minimal kid casting
•  Nothing overly romantic
•  Nothing too "girly" or "manly"
•  Not repetitive like many others on the Internet.  

No, I am not "missing" movies such as "Weekend at Bernies"  or "Ferris Bueller".  They aren't suggested here because A) We all know they're damn good classics and B) Everyone suggests them.

This is just a big list of random movies, from any category and whatever year, that I feel you *may* enjoy together as a couple. A perfect mix to keep you both entertained and happy!

…Don't forget to bookmark this page – It will be updated regularly! 

21 Jump Street ( or

22 Jump Street ( or

Ace Ventura Pet Detective / Ace Ventura When Nature Calls ( or

All About Steve ( or

Blended ( or

Final Destination Collection ( or

Get Shorty and Be Cool ( or

Ghostbusters 1 & 2 ( or

Gone Girl ( or

Good Luck Chuck ( or

I Know What You Did Last Summer Trilogy ( or

Indiana Jones Collection ( or

John Q. ( or

Just Friends ( or

Just Go with It ( or

Keeping Up with the Joneses ( or

Knight and Day ( or

Mr. & Mrs. Smith ( or

National Treasure ( or

National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets ( or

Ocean's Trilogy ( or

Romancing the Stone / Jewel of the Nile ( or

Superbad ( or

The Burbs ( or

The Great Outdoors ( or

The Heartbreak Kid ( or

The Longest Yard ( or

The Other Guys ( or

There's Something About Mary ( or

The True Memoirs of an International Assassin (Netflix Original)

The Watch ( or

Tower Heist ( or

Training Day ( or

True Romance ( or

Turner and Hooch ( or

War Dogs ( or

We're the Millers ( or

What Happens in Vegas ( or

Zoo Keeper ( or

What movies would you and your husband/wife add to this list? 

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