Stiff Arm Steal: Review

Stiff Arm Steal – Adventure awaits in the Sunshine State!

Stiff Arm Steal AJ StewartJoin me today for my review of Stiff Arm Steal – A Miami Jones Novel by A.J. Stewart…

Stiff Arm Steal
Stiff Arm Steal Kindle
Author: A.J. Stewart
Description:  "The prize possession of former football hero, part-time media personality and full-time blowhard BJ Baker has been stolen from his palatial Palm Beach home. Baker has called in the Mayor, the police, the sheriff and everyone else he can co-opt into the search. But if he really wants the person who can find it, one name keeps coming up. Miami Jones. Problem is, he can't stand Jones. And the feeling is mutual.  Miami takes on a jealous husband, a feisty ex-con and a police detective desperate to claim everyone else's 15 minutes of fame, and he finds that Florida is home to so many retired athletes he could start a pensioner football league. But can Miami hunt down the culprit before they graduate from theft to something far more deadly?…"

My Review
Alright, so when it comes to choosing a book, I can be a little biased.  Yeah I know…Not a great trait.  Change and I are like oil and water :))  I honestly had no idea how I was going to feel about Stiff Arm Steel, seeing as it was based around football.  However – I FLEW into this novel and devoured it.  A.J.'s light and colorful writing style makes it so easy to get wrapped up in the excitement, that I even found myself waking up wondering "Who has the Heisman?!".  I couldn't grab my morning coffee and book quick enough!  A.J. Stewart will not disappoint, giving us not only a great Florida based, beachy read…But you'll want to follow Miami Jones around on all his adventures and of course…Joining him for lunch and beers at Longboard Kelly's is a great way to spend an afternoon!  Download your copy today from or

My Rating
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5 out of 5 Footballs – Stiff Arm Steal is a TOUCHDOWN!!

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