Hilarity of the Week! Funniest Facebook Comments for the Week of July 25th *VOTE*

Bringing light reading to my blog followers is what I have set out to do.
Wifetime of Happiness is a mish-mash of just nice, non controversial topics, where I hope you can find *something* of interest. 
One category I have been itching to do for a while now is "Hilarity of the Week".

Funny Facebook Comments July 25A topic of course, with the most humorous comments I have come across for that week and we'll take a vote for the funniest 🙂
Come on inside for this week's Funny Facebook Comments!

Last Week's Winner:  50 Cent on Instagram
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Here I go, Here I Go Again…

Funny Facebook Comments Shooping Cart

The Answer My Friend…
Side Note:  Who has the funnier comment – WPLG with their Preemptive Strike, or Philip? :))

Funny Facebook Comments Wind

Shades of Justice…

Funny Facebook Comments Horatio

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