DIY: Tea Tin Herb Garden

DIY Tea Tin Herb GardenJoin me now for a super easy, super cute Tea Tin Herb Garden DIY!

I don't know about you; but the antique, vintagy look is what I have always loved about Tea Tins.
Adding in some beautiful, fragrant Herbs and having them adorn your window sill?….Even better.

Putting together your Tea Tin Herb Garden is SO easy – You'll have these beauties up and WHATEVER in minutes!

Materials Needed:
Plant Food
Pretty Tins
Herbs or Small Flowers
*Optional – Screwdriver to poke holes

*Optional – Small rocks to weigh the bottoms

Tea Tin Herb Garden MaterialsIf you don't have (or are having trouble finding) Tea Tins – A great place to look is at Yard Sales.  Also a quick search on or and plenty come up!  Have fun and mix it up a bit!  I love using bright, bold colored tins..But I also love those pastal shades for a more shabby chic feel.

Picking Herbs:  My preference of herbs is just what I use on a regular basis.  I've picked some Mojito Mint, Spicy Oregano and of course, Cilantro – YUM!
tea tin herb materialsPutting Your Tins Together:  Now, I want my herbs to stay fresh, healthy and growing!  Along with plenty of water and sunshine, I am going to give them a few scoops of (what I feel) is the nicest soil and a tbsp or so of Shake n' Feed.  Mix well into the soil and plant, away!
If you like you can poke small holes into the bottom of the tins with your screwdriver, for more water control.  Since this soil works for moisture control, I had no need.

And that's it, folks!  There is really nothing to it!  
Tea Tin Herb GardenI just love Tea Tin Herbs and I hope you'll enjoy your little garden too!

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