How to Hold a Successful Yard Sale

hold a successful yard saleToday I'm sharing some secrets on how to hold a successful Yard Sale…
Come on inside and take a peek!

How to Hold a Successful Yard Sale

Yard Sales are absolutely one of mine and my husband's favorite pastimes.
We could spend hours on a Saturday morning, just roaming around, coffee in hand and enjoying what others may have to offer.

In fact, hunting for treasures is not only one of my favorite pastimes, it is now my "full time" job.
I have opened a shop on Etsy "Omg I Had That", and love to stock my shelves with all things retro and vintage.

I digress…
Today is all about YOU and some (not-so secret) secrets on how to successfully hold a Yard Sale this season!
Of course, this comes naturally with things I have personally experienced and I hope these tips will help you get the most enjoyment (and profit) out of your day! laugh

Plan in advance
Start making notes or putting items you wish to sell, aside. No need to rush, your sale doesn't have to be 'tomorrow'. When I say Plan in Advance, I mean anywhere from a few months to a few weeks before the "big day". Also, if you plan ahead then you won't end up selling the stuff that you might need. You might be in a rush to get things sorted the day before the sale and think you hardly use certain items and put them in to be sold then realize a few months down the line that they were actually needed.
Organized yard sales are the nicest yard-sales; grab a few price labels and anything else that may help make your day and the buyers day easier. Amazon has a great selection of Yard Sale Supplies, if you're interested.

Check the weather
It may seem all is good-to-go a few days before your sale, but as we know the weather changes in an instant. Check the day before and the night before. If thunderstorms and rain are headed your way, perhaps hold off one more week.

Online, Outside and Word of mouth. All effective ways to ensure people notice YOUR sale!

Any signs posted that can be seen from the street are important! Signs that are within eye level are most effective. So think, telephone poles, bus shelters etc. Signs that are low to the ground (or very small pieces of paper) nailed into the ground on a stick are easily passed by. Remember to include your address in BIG, bold lettering and bright big arrows —> pointing in the direction to go. They work fabulously!

Start Early
…and I mean EARLY. Set that alarm and the coffee! People who shop yard-sales are out the door and ready to hunt between 6-8am. They are ready to spend and are looking for the best items! If you're still trying to get organized around these times, people will often pass your sale by and head onto the next. You're losing business!

Have lots of change on hand
Don't wait for 'sales' to come in before you start gathering change. Small bills (1, 5, 10) and quarters are a great start. A lack of change, could mean lost sales! Grab a lot of change well before the day of the sale – Again, it's all about being organized!

Don't turn your yard sale into a party for your friends
I cannot stress this enough. Nothing is more intimidating and/or annoying to yard-sale shoppers then when they are approaching a large group of people, who seem to be more into a driveway party with their buddies, then their actual sale. Loud sellers with loud friends who are engaged more in conversation with each other, then their buyers, are sure to fail.
Keep in mind who the majority of yard sale shoppers are: Elderly folk, people out for leisure and relaxation.

Make sure you have enough…Everything.
From 'items' to sell, to tables and hangers to put your items on and again of course, change. The last thing you want to be doing is strewing things everywhere and anywhere. You want to get the most out of your day. You will at most, want to make any money you have put into holding the sale, back.

Clear the kids
Yard-Sale shopping is meant to be a relaxing experience. Remember, this day is not only about making a bit of extra cash for yourself, but providing a pleasant experience for those who may be willing to spend their money on your stuff. Having children outside, running around your tables or playing with/on toys you are trying to sell is a sure way to lose customers.

If you must have the kids…
A great way to involve the kids is to have a lemonade stand – This works amazingly!
Not only do they feel like they are part of this big day, but they are making themselves a few extra bucks for their piggy banks, just like mom and dad! My husband and I frequently buy from kids lemonade stands …It's usually a hot day and shoppers are thirsty! Don't forget to have plenty of disposable cups and ice on hand! Take it a step further and offer up bottles of water or cans of soda as well!

Be Helpful and Pleasant
Let people know you are around if they need assistance. Whether it be a general question about an item or price, let them know you are the one they can direct their questions at. So many times I have been to a yard sale with no idea who the actual seller is. Give a friendly HELLO! when someone arrives to your driveway. SMILES SELL!

If you are friends with the neighbors, consider all holding a sale on the same day. This is amazing not only for your neighborhood – But shoppers LOVE these kind of sales. Parking up the road and being able to wander around a few sales all within the same range is so enjoyable. Another way those lemonade stands with the kids come in handy 😉

Clearly Mark Prices
Okay, so understandably you may not feel like marking every single item you put out, especially if you have a lot of items for sale.
A great way to mark your prices is by bundling on tables or hangers. "All clothes $2.00" – "Items on this table are $3"…etc.  It will become as annoying to you, as it is to your potential buyer when they have to constantly ask "how much for this".

Offer up a deal!
For example, if you have a huge box of books, all marked at 50 cents, offer 5 for $2. Anything that makes your "customer" feel welcomed and appreciated will have them buying more!

Well guys – I hope this has helped you out a little bit.
Remember to enjoy your day and make the most of it – Yard Sales are meant to be relaxing and FUN… So go with the flow and good luck!!

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