Oven-Baked, Marinated Hot Dogs

These oven baked hot dogs are a sure crowd pleaser…
oven baked hot dogsBringing the grilled taste of Summer home, any time of the year – Enjoy!

Summertime grilling is any time with these easy oven baked 'grilled' hot dogs!

You Will Need:
1 Large Zip Bag
8 Thawed Hot Dogs
2 Tbsp Worcestershire Sauce
2 Large Cloves, diced Fresh Garlic (more or less to your liking – I love it!)
1/4 Cup Ketchup (I use a little less than 1/4 cup)

* I usually toss in a bit of Cayenne – But today I was using Jalapeno Hot Dogs, so no need for the spice!
* Try changing up Ketchup for your favorite BBQ sauce (or half Ketchup and half BBQ Sauce) – It's equally amazing!!

how to make hot dogs in the ovenAlright, let's get these bad boys started:

Mix together Ketchup, Worcestershire Sauce and Garlic in a little bowl.  Set Aside.

1) Take hot dogs and make about 3 slits, on  both sides of each one.

2) Place hot dogs into Ziplock Bag

3) Pour mix into the bag

4) Seal bag and roll around hot dogs, until evenly coated.

Leaving hot dogs in your zip bag, place in fridge to marinate – I usually leave mine for a few hours, but 1/2 an hour should be good too if you're in a hurry!

Let's Cook!
Preheat Oven to 350
Line a gently sprayed cookie sheet with foil and lay out hot dogs

hot dogs in the ovenCook for 1520 minutes (or until nice and browned like they would be on the actual grill!), turning once halfway through.
These oven baked  ot dogs are so scrumptious..You almost don't need any condiments!  
Enjoy!! 🙂

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