Shark Week Gift Guide

Shark week comes, but once a year…and this year we're gearing up full speed(boat) ahead!
Shark Week GiftsShark week is just around the corner – Stock up now for on-time delivery of these cool items!

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Shark Week Gift Guide
Okay, so while I could literally write a list for days of all the "goodies" that would be perfect for Shark Week – I decided to narrow it down to 10.
10 (probably) unnecessary necessary…ridiculously fun and cool items that would just make celebrating Shark Week, that much more enjoyable!

In no particular order, because I just love em all.

Shark Week Tank Tops
dont tell me to smile shark tank top i love shark week tank top
I actually couldn't choose which one I loved better to add to the list.  So for our enjoyment, here are 2 super cute (and definitely necessary ) shark tank tops.  Picture it…Messy bun and jammie pants adorned by the coolest Shark Week tanks! Don't tell me to Smile and I Love Shark Week tanks can both be purchased from

Shark Attack Slippers
shark slippers discovery channel
Hilariously awesome!  I can already picture myself roaming around the house aimlessly…but quite comfortably…as I wait for the next series of Shark Week shows to begin.  I can't wait to sink my feet into these bad-boys!  These cool Shark Attack Slippers can be purchased from

Shark Socks
Shark Socks
Okay, so I'm not a *huge* fan of like…socks haha – But I know so many people who are and these were just too funny to pass by and not add to the list.  Even though I am a strict "white socks" girl when I must wear them…The more I look at these cuties, the more I think I may need them.  Step into some Shark Toe Socks during your Shark Week Adventure – Enjoy!!

Shark Bite Coolies
shark beer koozie
So as I'm writing my post, my husband comes over to see what I'm up to and says "I hope you're adding those to cart" haha.  These are by far some of thee coolest shark koozies out there and definitely add to the ocean feel for Shark Week.  Grab these awesome Shark Bite Coolies from amazon! 

Shark Toilet Seat Sticker
Shark toilet seat cover
Particularly funny if you are celebrating Shark Week with a bit of company.  Bringing a room to life with a few laughs is definitely a great way to keep your company in line with the theme!  Grab yourself the funny and reasonably priced Shark Toilet Topper from  Also available on

Shark Attack Bowl
shark bowl
Not only is this awesome bowl a great addition to any Shark Week gift, party or lone celebration…It also makes a great poolside centerpiece all summer long!  I just love this bowl 🙂  If there were ever a "must-have" Shark product…This bowl would be it!  Grab your snack-attack, Shark Attack Bowl now from amazon smiley

Shark Fin Ice Tray
shark ice cube tray
It's really all about the little details when celebrating any event.  Shark Week is no different and these fancy shark fins cubes are just the perfect addition to compliment any drink!  Cool off with these cool cubes – Available from both and – Enjoy!!

Jaws Yahtzee
Jaws Yahtzee
Taking a break from Shark Week?  I think not!  Continue the fun while waiting on the next line up of shows.  Fun for the whole family!  These themed games are just way too cool!  And let's be honest here…No Shark Week would be complete without *something* JAWS themed.  Pick up this classic game from either or 

Heat-Activated Changing Shark Mug
Shark Mug
For those lovers of the morning – This is the perfect mug for you…and Shark Week!  I just love getting up in the morning, ready to watch my shows previously recorded the night before.  I can already picture my Jammie Tank Top, Shark Slippers and sipping on a freshly brewed coffee in this awesome heat activated "changing" mug.  Grab one now from or

Shark Attack Cookie Cutters
beach cookie cutters
I just love these adorable cookie cutters!  If you're the super-mom of the group or the creative one of the bunch, I can only imagine how cool your cookies for Shark Week will be!  Bake up some deliciously fun surf-themed cookies this Shark Week by grabbing the Fred and Friends Snack Attack cookie cutters from or

Guys, I don't know about you, but I am so stoked to kick off Shark Week and with some ultra rad products!
I hope you have enjoyed this list and have yourself a JAWSOME Week!! 

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