August Photo Challenge | Social Media Photo Challenge August 2021

August Photo Challenge 2021 Social Media Photo Challenge Summer
Well folks, what really can I say other than we are literally flying through this year!  Can you believe Summer is already heading into that "winding down" month?… 

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Now generally around this time I start getting the "autumn fuzzies" where I want all things cozy, food, slouch socks (yeah they're still in!!); but so far this year I just haven't lived up to the full summer fun potential (as I'm sure many can relate).  So for this August's monthly photo challenge I'm going to (try) to stick to everything COLORFUL, HOT, SUMMER and Splish-Splashy FUN!!

Are we ready?  Let's get started on the


1st Friendship
2nd Ice Cream
3rd Night Out
4th Reflect
5th Outfit of the Day (#OOTD)
6th Hot Day
7th Condiment(s)
8th Spark
9th Summer Read
10th Snack time 

11th Beachy
12th Side by Side
13th Neon
14th On the Road
15th In the Sky
16th Excitement!!
17th Hometown Feels
18th Delivery
19th Childhood Summer
20th Summer Playlist

21st Morning Routine
22nd Healthy
23rd Indulgence
24th Pastime
25th In the background
26th Throwback
27th Just Because
28th To your right
29th Refreshing
30th Inspired
31st Sunset

Don't forget to hashtag your special days and feel free to hashtag #wifetimeofhappiness or #wifetime as well, so I can check out all your awesome photos!
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