Patriotic Pool Floats – 4th of July

It's that time of year again, when we start jumping into Summer and opening those pools for the season. 
Patriotic Pool Floats 4th of JulyIt's also the time of year where we may start our party planning for our upcoming Pool Parties, Summertime get-togethers and packing up to spend our weekends in cottage country…

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 •   • You may recall a few years back, my post on Awesome Pool Floats (which btw, are still awesome haha) – Well, we're at it again, only this time I am bringing you the very best pool floats not only for 2018, but for your very patriotic 4th of July shindig and other Americana events!

An important note!  If you plan on purchasing one of these bad a$#  patriotic floats, make sure you are signed into your Ebates account.  If you have no idea what ebates is.. Check out my post HERE.  Free cash back (no gimmicks, seriously)  If you're not using Ebates you're missing out! 

Alright, so now that you're signed up for Ebates, we're ready to rock n roll.  Grab yourself a refreshing beverage ? and enjoy the post! 

Reversible $100 / $1 Pool Float
money pool float
With any par-tay comes a little spending.  Naturally, we have here some chedda you can float on.  It's kind of like money back.. But like, not.  It's still cool and you *know* all your friends will argue over who's worth it. Grab your $100 Pool Float 

American Flag Pool Float 
american flag pool float
Nothing screams Patriotic more than the waving, or in this case floating, vibrant stars and stripes!  In my opinion this is the *must* have for the 4th of July – A sure hit!  These floats are popular among us "regulars" and celebrities alike.  Grab your Waving Flag Pool Float now, before they sell out! 

American Bald Eagle Pool Float
american eagle pool float
Featured as well last year, this is one we definitely can't go without listing.  This gigantic piece is sure to make one heck of a splashing statement.  Float on, Patriots.  Grab your Bald Eagle Pool Float today!

Make America Great Again Pool Float
make america great again pool float
#MYPGA – Make your pool great again with this awesome pool lounger.  If you're not so much into the "comically huge" and colorful floats, but still want to show your love of the grand ol US of A – This lounger is for you!  Grab your MAGA Pool Float – Cheers!

Beer Pong Pool Float
Another oldie but a definite goodie.  When everything goes wrong, beer pong makes it right.  Challenge your friends and family this 4th of July to a friendly game of Beer Pong.  Not only is this a great way to connect and mingle; the Beer Pong Floaty is adorned with the beautiful Red, White and Blue.  Grab the Beer Pong Pool Float today!! 

Donald Trump Pool Float
donald trump pool float president trump pool float
And last but ceratinly not least, there is only one way to ensure your 4th of July is a true, American hit and that's by seeing that President DJT himself makes an apperance.  Love him or hate him, there's no denying this man gets things done and has the ultimate love for the USA.  Invite him along for your 4th of July BBQ and let the conversations run wild – Although it is strongly suggested not to mix politics, booze and unruly cousins. Go on now and grab this Donald Trump Patriotic Pool Float by the vinyl!

If you love any of these floats, be sure to scoop 'em up now before the holiday rush!  There's nothing worse than waiting until the last minute, only to be told "Sorry, SOLD OUT!".

Happy Floating, Friends
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