Pluto the Schnauzer: Pluto Living!

Meet Pluto
The beautiful 13 year old Schnauzer pup…and your new Best Friend!

As our World heads into a future of uncertainty, I , along with many others, have found the struggle to be all a little "too real" when it comes to looking on the bright side, or even finding a few minutes of comfort throughout the days…

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Being a cat lady and lover, my mom tends to pass along anything she finds humorous in regards to them.
The first video that was forwarded to me this morning was "Cat's Are Amazing!" featuring a beautiful schnauzer named Pluto (with a tiny little voice).

Now, if you have the initial reaction that I did ("hmm, this one might be a miss") puh-lease, wait it out at least 5 seconds.
Honestly, excuse my quick judgement, it most definitely didn't have to do with the sweet girl on the screen, it just naturally comes now from my many years experience of "funny" animal vid watching lol 😉

Within seconds Pluto will have you grinning from ear to ear, and making her way into your heart.
Pluto's owner is Nancie Wight, who does such a wonderful job of putting these videos together, you can truly feel the good intention.

Pluto's earlier video, posted on March 17th, 2020 "Pluto addresses the internets in this time of crisis" has an astounding 1.8 million views with climbing numbers as she virtually travels the Internet Globe!

In her CTV interview, Nancie mentions that she has been contacted by various people around the World; even Drs and Nurses who are now using Pluto's videos to start the day in the ICU.

Although 13 and a half and  "a little bit blind" with a bit of deafness and dementia, Nancie says Pluto is still managing to hand out that good advice; and we are so thankful! Nothing like starting these gloomy days off, with some pawsitive vibes!

Pluto can be found on her YouTube Channel – Pluto Living (with 38,000 subscribers and growing), a Facebook Page and even her own instagram!  Nancie's story in itself goes even further than bringing happiness to others with her best girl; it extends into a love for the beauty of wild animals and photography.  Check out the links below to find this awesome family all over the web!

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