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A Friend in Death Review - K.J. Emrick and Kathryn De Winter

A Friend in Death (A Moonlight Bay Psychic Mystery)
A Friend in Death Kindle
Author: K.J. Emrick & Kathryn De Winter

Description:Miranda Wylder is on her way up. Life is good for the Psychic/Medium Crime Novelist with one successful novel already and a second on its way up the charts.  But then her best friend, Kyle Hunter, is murdered right in her own backyard and the detective in charge of the investigation seems determined to put her in the frame…

My Review
Miranda Wylder is a psychic medium and crime writer from Melbourne Australia.
Miranda’s character is easily likeable; you immediately become attracted to her interesting character and are eager to learn more.
When her friend Kyle Hunter is found murdered on Miranda’s property, things take a turn for the worse in what was supposed to be an enjoyable day of book signing at the local Coffee Ambience.
One small favor from Kyle, suddenly has Miranda high priority on the suspect list and Det. Joe Dixon is not in the mood for her psychic shenanigans. As much as Miranda drives Joe Dixon up the wall with her insistent behavior; I have to say the banter between the two was enjoyable. Joe becoming absolutely fed up (yet caving in) had me chuckling out loud. They are scenes that are easily visualized.  Kyle and his boyfriend Markus..A bad review of the Coffee Ambience, followed by threatening emails from a (now fired) disgruntled employee…Which of these things (or are any of these things) connected to his murder? Miranda in a time crunch to prove her innocence, must get to the bottom of this before Det. Dixon decides to slap those handcuffs on for good!
The ending was quite enjoyable; I loved the way it played out, almost how a “mystery theater” dinner show would.
Miranda and I have a favorite saying in common – Nothing is coincidence!  An enjoyable story to add to our April Rainy Day Reads.  Download now via amazon.ca or amazon.com 

My Rating
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4 out of 5 Floating Pencils – This was my first Cozy Read from K.J. Emrick and Kathryn De Winter – I am looking forward to finishing this series and also the other books they have to offer!

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