Donald TEArump & Hillary ClinTEAn DemocraTEA Giveaway!

Before you scroll past (yet another) rambling post about politics, who's right, who's wrong, vote for this person, vote for that person….
Come on inside and enter now for your chance to *WIN* a 10 Pack of delicious PolitiTEAcal Teas.

Let's have a little chat.  Friend to Friend .  American to American.
There will absolutely NOT be any anger spewed or punches thrown here (today haha)…

american-flag-boxing-glovesMy favorite types of people in the World are those who can band together, lighten up, just lean back and have a little FUN!
Of course, many of us do take politics very seriously but you know what?…

Today, we're all going to take a little breather and sit down to talk about these kick-ass cups o' tea that are brought to us from – 

First up we have:

Hillary ClinTEAn – Also known as Vanilla Essence #ImWithTea
hillary-clinton-tea-bagsNext we Have:

Donald TEArump – Pure White Tea with Peach #MakeTeaGreatAgain
donald-trump-tea-bagsThe BIG, BOLD, BRIGHT COLORS and creative artwork adorned on the envelopes  *scream* LOOK AT ME! – TALK ABOUT ME!  
Yet the calm, relaxing scent and flavorful taste of each tea *whisper* "But please do it in a polite manner".  
Whichever side you may waver, I think we can definitely all agree that these tea bags are a true conversation piece or souvenir of one of the craziest American elections yet!

kickstartercoverDemocratea 2016 offers a variety of fun, flavorful teas and a website jam-packed of fun information – So please be sure to check them out!
Ready to try your luck at WINNING your own 10 Pack of PoliTEAcal Teas?





Remember to do your part – Get out there and VOTE this November!


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