How to Remove Hard Water Build Up from Stainless Steel

One of the most dreaded appliances in my kitchen is our stainless steel kettle.
I loathe it – Mostly because I am not a fan of stainless steel, but also because of how ‘messy’ stainless steel looks, no matter how much you clean it, ranging from fingerprints right down to that nasty hard water build up.

how to remove hard water from stainless steelJoin me today for a super quick and easy way to remove that unsightly (and gross) hard water (calcium) build up from your stainless steel!

So short of just tossing our hideous stainless steel kettle in the garbage, but not so much wanting to invest in a new kettle at the moment…I decided I needed to figure out a way to make this thing sparkle again.  Honestly, check this mess out –
calcium build up on stainless steelArgghh!! Stainless steel, you are my worst enemy!  Horrible, right?  Okay, so let’s not get crazy and toss our stuff away surprise…Let’s clean it up!

You Will Need:
White Vinegar
Old Toothbrush
Soft Paper Towel

In a little bowl, mix together equal parts of peroxide and white vinegar.
Dip your toothbrush in the mixture and begin doing small circles onto the needed parts of your stainless steel.  In this case, my whole kettle needed done (including lid, which you can see soaking in the title photo, above).
*Quick Note:  I do have my lid soaking in a mixture of peroxide, white vinegar and dawn dish detergent.  There was NO difference with the detergent removed from the mixture (and I did not use the detergent on my actual kettle), so it’s really your call on if you’d like to add a few drops or not 😉

remove calcium build up stainless steelWith the mixture still wet, rub in small circles with your soft paper towel until dry –  Put some elbow grease into it!  You want to see those gross marks on your stainless steel coming off!  Now I say “soft” paper towel, because you want to use a nice cushiony one (such as bounty) 🙂
hard water removal*Very Important:  Do this in SMALL patches – You still want the mixture to be WET.  If you allow the mixture to dry, it will continue to streak!

Okay – so now that we’ve spent a bit of time investing in that *brand new* look…Your final result should be something along the lines of this:
remove hard water build up stainless steelTA-DA!…holla at me ladies, how amazing was that? I am a happy camper again and I hope you will be too!  Although stainless steel will *never* look 100% perfect, this is as close as (I could) get!  I hope this little tutorial has helped you out!!

Okay, so now with that all being said – Check out this cool kettle I’d *really* love to have.  The Cuisinart CPK-17C Programmable Kettle.  
Cuisinart CPK-17 Programmable Kettle

Are you laughing because it’s stainless steel? I am! Haha. Now, I’m not trying to sell you something here – But this kettle is a thing of beauty heart  I absolutely love the settings and how convenient it is with temperature for different types of teas.  I’m on a huge herbal tea kick lately with my new *healthier* lifestyle…Perfect!! Do you love it or what?

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