Hollywood Dirty Money: Review

Hollywood Dirty Money Just Ryan
Come join me today, for my review of Hollywood Dirty Money 

Hollywood Dirty Money
Hollywood Dirty Money Kindle
Author: Just Ryan
Description: "They say that all drug dealers eventually get caught. But I’m proof they don’t. 
I’m not what you’d think. I’m not in a gang and I've never killed anybody. My business was as straightforward as any other: I bring the product, you bring the cash, we make the exchange, and voila. It went like this 99% of the time.  Being a mid-level cocaine dealer in Hollywood, California, I bypassed a lot of the dirt and negativity associated with drug use and dealing.  Coke is, after all, a rich man’s drug. Businessmen, actors, singers, music executives, and big shot movie producers made up most of my clientele.  I promised myself that I would make as much money as I could– in six months. After six months I’m out. 
In that .5 a year I made a bundle of cash, experienced places and situations I never would have otherwise, rubbed shoulders (and railed lines) with Hollywood big shots, and became the source of the party for some A-list celebrities. 
Some of it may seem unbelievable; some of it will seem outright stupid… For what it’s worth, I assure you it’s all true, to the best of my recollection."

My Review
The true story of a young man, "working" his way through the Hollywood drug scene.  Starting off with a budget of $2,000 (a mere drop in the bucket) with an end goal of reaching $50,000, then getting out of the game completely.  Hollywood Dirty Money is written in journal form, the way "xxx" sees his life.  It seemed a little slow to start, but quickly picked up pace as the journal headed into July and from there I couldn't put it down.  I mean really, we can't expect a true story to have an every day, exciting occurrence haha.  Realities unknown to me are truly fascinating.   Whether Just Ryan is full of shit and a lively storyteller, it doesn't really matter to me.  The story is intriguing.  I hated the abrupt ending, as things were just starting to get good.  Wheelin' and dealin' to some big time Hollywood cats (who seriously, we're all wanting to know the names haha).  The journal ends in September (his goal is to only sell until November) with a promise of the second installment to come with a release date of September, 2015.  I can't seem to find the second part, so I'm not sure if it's released yet – But will update when I know!  Those of us who have read, are all going to need those final few chapters!  Pick up the first installment of Hollywood Dirty Money from amazon.com or amazon.ca

My Rating
3 out of 5 – This is the rating for now, I'm going to need the rest of the book! 😉
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