Sunbaked Snowbird: Review

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Sunbaked Snowbird Molly DoxCome join me for my review of Sunbaked Snowbird by Molly Dox!

Sunbaked Snowbird
Sunbaked Snowbird
Author:  Molly Dox
Description:  Poppy Pepper's world just came to a stop. One of her guests, a snowbird from Pennsylvania, just turned up dead at her family’s small, retro camper resort. Paradise Cove and Mini Golf was a quiet vacation destination, popular with retirees looking to get away from cold winters up north.  As a one-time paramedic, Poppy missed the adrenaline rush of the challenging medic job. Channeling her unused energy, and with help from a friend, Poppy can't help but get herself involved in the case. Tangled in details, Poppy finds herself faced with multiple suspects and not enough clues.

My Review
Poppy Pepper is a nosy lady (I mean really, aren't we all in some aspect though haha) who loves digging her way through a mystery.  Every little detail excites her.  When an unexpected death occurs at her family-owned trailer resort in sunny Florida, Poppy dives right in to solve the case, perhaps even overstepping some boundaries at times (although with good intentions).  I find Poppy (and her lifestyle) to be likeable.  I love visualizing the little trailer resort and with the colorful descriptions, I can easily picture myself there.  The one downfall to Sunbaked Snowbird would be all questions running through Poppy's mind.  I feel they were used more as filler (rather than just one or 2 questions like "Hmm…why would that be?" or "perhaps I should dig a bit deeper as to why (this) happened") it was like a run on sentence with a bunch of questions.  I think with a few things cut short, that time could have been used to form some more exciting little tidbits to the story, but hey…I'm not an author and I'm barely a great reviewer haha!  Sunbaked Snowbird is Book 1 in the Poppy Pepper's Paradise Cove and Mini Golf Collection, so I was a bit surprised to not read (much) more of the back-story to her life.  There are a few more books in this series, so I am hoping eventually a bit more detail is brought out.  That being said, I still really enjoyed following along with Poppy's adventures.  I'd love to own these books in print, should Molly Dox ever offer that option!  Easily a re-readable title and I am excited for more in this series!!  This quick chick-lit would be a great way to kick start some fun in the sun summer reading or bring a little sunshine in on a chilly day!  Sunbaked Snowbird is perfectly priced and can be grabbed from or

My Rating
3 out of 5 Rays of Sunshine for Molly Dox – I'm excited for more!

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