Top 10 Movies: Fall Edition

September is here!
Ahh yes, gusty winds, fluttering leaves, over-sized sweaters and just that warm feeling that hits your heart once the weather starts cooling down.
Autumn always has such a beautiful atmosphere and I just absolutely adore it.  Although Summer is great there is something so comforting about Fall…and Fall-Themed movies.

Top 10 Fall Movies

Snacks – Check!
Blanket – Check!
Hot Beverage – Check!

Let’s hunker down on this crisp Fall day with some heartwarming adventures, shall we?
Not only are these amazing movies – They are so reasonably priced, you’ll want to stock up!
Grab your shopping cart and cozy on in, ’cause here we go…

Grumpy Old Men
What’s moreGrumpy Old Men DVD hilarious than watching 2 old men battling it out for a younger lady?…Well – Not much of anything!  This classic holiday fall fun movie is sure to put a smile on your face 🙂  I totally dig older folk.  No matter what they are doing they seem to be doing it with hilarity and cuteness.  My husbands papa is adorable.  I always want to hug him.  And I would! But…”I’m new” and..That’s weird :))  Grab the awesome Grumpy Old Men Collection from or


Just Friends
Just Friends DVDI categorize this under Fall Fun Movies, because that’s generally when I watch it.  Although it’s a great ‘stupid’ funny movie throughout the whole Holiday season.  Ryan Reynolds plays a chubby guy who is in love with his best friend. He finally confesses his love and she rejects him (shocker).  He leaves his hometown, then returns to hometown (lookin like a smokeshow) years later.  He still wants the girl and yeah..It takes off from there.  Will he get her?  An hour and a half later, you’ll find out.  Grab the popcorn and soda!  This is a great one for just chillin out with.  Grab Just Friends from or


Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Oh hoPlanes, Trains and Automobiles DVDw I miss John Candy.  I could watch this movie over and over again, no matter the time of year.  This is a must-have, must-own absolute Fall favorite with a little bit of everything.  When I was younger, I always thought shower ring salesman looked fun. I loved the *clickity clack* sound they made.  And turning those bad boys into ‘earrings’… ♪ geeenius! ♪
Grab Planes, Trains and Automobiles from or



Sleepless in Seattle
Grab tSleepless in Seattle DVDhe tissues ladies!  The feel good movie of like, the century is here. Well, maybe I wouldn’t go that far.  Actually yes I would…I absolutely adore Meg Ryan and when she teams up with Tom Hanks, anywhere…Magical things happen.  Okay, I cannot tell a lie.  I’ve never cried during this movie.  But it does leave me with that happy sappy feeling inside (ugh.) Grab the Sleepless in Seattle 10th Anniversary Edition from or


I’m aStepmom DVDt a loss at how to go about recommending this movie.  It’s an emotional roller-coaster.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll’ll love. If you’re a stepmom yourself, in a bad place with the baby mama..Maybe just stay away from this one.  It’s been known to set off some inner rage.  Or if you’re emotionally stable, give it a go!  It’s a great fall-weather flick either way!  Grab Stepmom from or



The Family Man
I hThe Family Man DVDave to admit, Tea Leoni is equally as adorable as Meg Ryan…Uh, if I’m rating women :))
Nonetheless, Nic Cage plays Jack Campbell.  A man going through a midlife crisis and can’t decide what he wants to do with his life. Kate (being the good wife she is)  along with their children put up with his nonsense and basically watch the whole gong-show play out.  It’s chuckle out loud, smiles and a little bit heart wrenching.  Definitely a Fall Movie Fav, which is also great right through the wintery holiday season!  Grab The Family Man from or


Untamed Heart
If youUntamed Heart DVD‘ve never watched this movie, I’ll let you know – Now’s the time to go grab that Pumpkin Spiced Latte and a snack.  You’ll need the comfort treats, ’cause this one’s a tear jerker.  I dare you to get through it without the waterworks. Sounds delightful huh?  Pick it up!  No really – Pick.It.Up.  You won’t regret it.  P.S – What the heck ever happened to like…this whole cast?  Grab Untamed Heart from or



When Harry Met Sally
When Harry Met Sally DVDIt’s an argument you could have until the cows come home:  Is it really possible to just be friends?  Yeah yeah, predictable in reality and in the movies. But it’s still bound to have some great twists and turns in there, right?  Take a long, awkward and humorous car ride from Chicago to New York with Harry and Sally.  Grab When Harry Met Sally from or




While You Were Sleeping
Subway While You Were Sleeping DVDticket worker, Lucy, finds herself in quite the conundrum when the man she crushes on falls onto the tracks, landing in a coma.  Pretending to be his girlfriend, Lucy finds herself on a whirlwind journey complete with weirdo in-laws and a sleazy neighbor. This is a classic all around feel good movie. Grab While You Were Sleeping from or



You’ve Got Mail
Again wYou've Got Mail DVDith the Meg Ryan! :))  Ha.  I feel like Fall weather, a good cup of coffee and this movie all go hand-in-hand. Another one I’ve watched probably a bazillion times and never tire.  The quaint Shop Around the Corner is so comforting I really just want to spend a day in there reading and enjoying a 12 huge cups of coco.  To be fair, Fox books is pretty badass itself.
Cozy up this crisp autumn day with You’ve Got Mail from or

Is your cart full? 🙂
I’ve grabbed a few ones I’ve yet to own too!
This concludes my Fall Edition of awesome Fall-Themed Flicks!

Enjoy your {snuggly} movie night!
mrs white pumpkin

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