Christmas Gift Ideas for Fashion Conscious Kids

It is surprising just how fashion conscious kids are today. We probably have YouTube and TikTok to thank for that, but even so, kids as young as kindergarten know the difference between name brand clothing and Walmart specials. As Christmas rolls around yet again, you may be wondering exactly what your kids would like this year. You’ve already given them tablets, cell phones, game systems and just about every electronic gizmo on the market. Maybe this is the year to surprise them with all those designer fashions they have been asking for all year long.

Designer Hoodies Are an Absolute Must

There isn’t a kid on earth who doesn’t want the latest hoodies trending at any given moment. Hoodies really are all the rage and if it’s a designer hoodie, all the better. You can find luxury clothes for your kids online and if it’s a hoodie you are looking for, the line of Gucci Kids clothing has an amazing off-white Logo Hoodie that any kid would love. Don’t forget, hoodies are a fashion statement in themselves with today’s youth, but a designer hoodie with a logo? They’ll be in seventh heaven.


Did You Pull Those Jeans Out of the Trash?

You might want to warn grandma and grandpa if they will be over for the unwrapping of presents at Christmas that those really are designer jeans and they cost a pretty penny. “No, mom. I didn’t pull them out of the trash. They are ripped, distressed jeans and we are paying for the fabric that isn’t there as well as the bit that’s left to wear!” Just beware that some schools have set a dress code that states absolutely no jeans with too much skin showing.


Name Brand Sneakers

Probably the only athlete that still has designer sneakers named after him, even more than 20 years down the road, would be Michael Jordan. Kids are still in love with Jordans and they will always make a nice gift for the budding athlete in the family. However, every year there is a new rising star and so you are bound to find sneakers endorsed by the latest pro athlete in almost any sport. Sneakers are always a great gift for the fashion conscious kid.


Follow the YouTube and TikTok Stars

Kids of all ages have their favorite ‘celebs’ and so it is at any age. Designers have been fashioning clothes like JoJo Siwa or Taylor Swift would wear, even if their names aren’t on the labels. Also, you might want to find t-shirts with trending game graphics on them. What kid doesn’t want to boast that they’ve beat all the levels on the current most popular games, even if they haven’t made it through level 1! Just by wearing the shirt they can open the conversation with a skill they want others to ‘know’ they have.

That should give you plenty of ideas as to what today’s fashion conscious kid would want for Christmas. Isn’t it funny how the generations change? Years ago, if a kid got a pair of sneakers for Christmas they’d say, “What? Shoes for Christmas?” But not anymore! Today’s kids are more fashion conscious than ever before so if you want a place to start when buying gifts, that’s the place to start.