Top 8 Beautiful Flowers For Wedding Greetings

Flowers often symbolise purity and innocence and they are the best gift choice for weddings to mark new beginnings…

Being one of the greatest presents by nature, gifting flowers to your loved ones has always been a custom since the origin of time. You can express your happy emotions and feelings without having to say much and uplift the spirit of the person who receives them. Flowers help in expressing emotions that you are unable to put into words.

Here we have listed down eight beautiful and stunning wedding flowers that you can give your friends or loved ones at their wedding to express your heartfelt sentiments.


A bunch of red or white roses can be a perfect and no-brainer choice for a wedding gift. There are about a thousand types of roses in the world for you to choose from. They just fit well for every occasion, you can also opt for yellow roses as they represent friendship and longevity along with sweet messages for their journey ahead.


Lilies are an ideal option when it comes to gifting flowers with soothing aromas. They are available in a variety of colours and are best to show happiness and thoughtful consideration on any occasion. They are wonderful in drifting one’s vision and melting hearts at first glance. A bouquet of lilies can be perfect for wedding occasions.


Orchids have always been the first choice in weddings ceremonies. These gorgeous flowers make a great wedding gift option, especially when mixed with other flowers. They are available in a range of shapes, sizes, and colours to brighten up the day of the person receiving them. Moreover, they can last for months if you take right and good care of these flowers.

Blue Lotus

A bouquet of these exquisite blue lotus flowers is one of the finest ways of symbolizing love and joy for your friends or family members' wedding day. They are also considered divine flowers by most ancient Egyptians and thus make them a perfect gift for weddings.


Gerberas are another popular option for congratulating flowers. With a variety of bright colour options to choose from, they are best suitable for wedding gifts. They reciprocate love and cheerfulness the finest way to the person receiving it. A bouquet full of colourful gerberas can be a wonderful way of wishing your friends and family members luck and happiness in their wedding lives.


If you are looking for budget-friendly flowers then tulips can be the finest option available in the market. Moreover, they can last for weeks without getting dehydrated, so you need not worry about them getting damaged if you choose to order them in advance. You can also arrange them with other flowers to add an extra appealing look.


Another most popular congratulation flower to choose from are Carnations. Yellow carnations flowers are perfect for bouquet gifting options. These subtly sentenced and beautiful flowers symbolise love and happiness for the couples getting married. They can also be used for many other purposes such as wedding decoration to add aesthetic and significant look to wedding locations.


If you prefer to give flowers that are a little less traditional to newly wedded couples then sunflowers can definitely outrank other flowers. These bright yellow colour flowers represent happiness and longevity and make an ideal choice for congratulations flowers on wedding days.

Gifting flowers can be the most beautiful gesture to express your feelings. You can place your order today at Flowers and Plant Co to get the best quality flowers delivered at your doorsteps.