Wine Recipes That Give You The Perfect Excuse To Open Another Bottle

Adding wine to food is a technique that’s been around for thousands of years. That’s because it really works. Wine and certain foods go so well together.

Do you want to learn more about cooking with wine? If so, check out the wine-based recipes below.

Meatless Coq Au Vin

Coq au vin is another classic French dish that combines legumes and a rich wine sauce. To make coq au vin, you’ll need puy lentils, celery, onion, carrots, some tomato paste, chopped potato, rosemary, thyme and wild mushrooms. Cook the whole lot in a ceramic pot for the most delicious experience of your life.

Marinated Portobello Steaks

Marinated Portobello steaks are delicious because the marinade slowly infiltrates the mushroom, giving it flavor. Over time, the wine actually tenderizes it, making it even more delicious when you grill or fry it. Finding the perfect guide for wine tasting can be challenging. But if you are following one, portabella steak is a great food to complement the experience. That’s because so many reds go well with it.

Fig Bars

Do you remember fig bars from when you were a child? If so, you’ll love the red wine version. Start by making the jammy fig filling. Then add the red wine and a small quantity of anise. Wrap them in pastry according to a recipe and voila, you have the perfect snack for adults.

Cheesecake With Wine Jelly

If you find cheesecake a little too sweet, then you might want to try topping it with a wine jelly. Start with a goat's cheese base for the extra tanginess. Then leave jelly to set on top while the cake is still in the tin. To make the jelly, add a splash of red wine to your regular recipe. This will increase the sourness of the dessert, helping to balance out flavors on the palate.

Strawberry And Red Wine Jam

Strawberry and red wine jam works well with cheese on toast or grilled cheese sandwiches. Again, the recipe is simple. Follow a regular strawberry jam recipe and then simply add a splash of red wine.

Red Wine-Macerated Peaches

Making a large batch of wine-macerated peaches is a great way to prepare a bunch of desserts in a single cooking session. Just pair them with your favorite ice cream for a delicious experience.

Once you finish macerating, you can collect the juice and store it. The liquid makes for a delicious drink and works well when combined with sangria.

Red Wine Mustard Vinaigrette

If you’re a little bored of your current vinaigrette, then why not try to make one that uses red wine? Start by reducing the red wine on the stove until it becomes sticky and you’ve burned off all the alcohol. Then add it to some Dijon and vinegar to create the perfect sticky-sweet dressing for your salad.

Vegetable Ragu

Lastly, you can whip up a comforting charred veggie ragu. Make the ragu as you would normally, but add a few dashes of red wine to the tomato sauce. You’ll notice that it transforms the flavor, making it so much richer.