How To Help Your Dog Settle Into A New Home

Moving house is stressful enough for a human, but for a dog, it can be a huge challenge. They have no idea of where they are going, why everything looks different, why everything smells different and why that ball they buried in the yard is no longer there. In fact – nothing is there because it is a different yard!

Dogs, as a whole, are better than cats at adjusting to new circumstances and environments, but it is still a huge upheaval for them, and one that needs to be handled carefully to minimize the stress it puts onto them.

Here, we look at how to help your dog with the transition to their new home and how to help them settle in.

Talk to Your Dog 
As a dog owner, you know that this is not quite as daft as it sounds. While your dog will not have a clue what you are actually talking about, they do understand your tone of voice. Talk to them in a stressed and anxious way, and they will become stressed and anxious, act excited over something and they will be excited. Talk calmly and softly and they will be calm and relaxed.

Keep to Their Usual Schedule As Far As Possible
Of course, there will be times when this is not possible, but if you can, do not deviate from their usual schedule. Dogs are creatures of habit. They know when it is time to wake up, when it is time for a Walk, when it is time to eat or go and potty, and when it is bedtime. If you stick to this, it will be one less thing for them to be confused and anxious about.

Consider Travel Plans
The traveling to your new home can be one of the most stressful parts of the process for a dog. Obviously, if you are just moving a couple of blocks away, it is not a big deal, but if you are moving to a different city, state or even a different country, you need to think about the calmest and kindest way of  getting your pet there. Sitting in a car for hours on end may be too stressful for both them and you, not to mention they will prevent you from carrying luggage in your car and require many stops. This is where professional pet transport services become useful. They will take over for you, and have experience in keeping animals calm during transportation, no matter how far it is.

Give Them Familiar Objects
It may be tempting to use your move as an opportunity to swap out those old, tatty food and water bowls for shiny new ones, or to finally throw away that ragged old bear that your dog has sucked and chewed on to within an inch of its life. However – it is not the right time. Your dog already has lots of new things to get to grips with. Allow them their familiar and much-loved things to ease the stress.

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