Where to Leave Your Business Brochures and Cards

Where to leave your business card and brochures

Although I am no longer involved with Avon (or the like) myself, I do remember starting out and having so many things that needed to be organized and perfected in order to get my small business on a roll.

Thinking of perfect spots to find potential customers was definitely one of the major challenges.
I hope this list will be of some help in getting some exposure for your business!

Please remember to never be invasive or intrusive; this includes not leaving brochures / business cards in residential mailboxes, as you may be breaking the law. 
Always have respect for boundaries and property!

Let's get started!

Never leave home without brochures and business cards!
Quick TipAlways staple a business card to the front of your pamphlets or brochures.

Apartment Lobby (leave a few!)
Apartment Laundry Rooms 
Beach Clubhouse
Benches (parks, mall etc)
Bingo Hall
Bowling Alley
Bus Stops (and on the bus)
Car Wash
Children's School
Church Lobby
Coffee Shops
College Cafeteria
Community Events
Dentist Office
Doctors Office
Employment Office
Eye Doctors Office
Fast Food Restaurants (where they keep the newspapers)
Flea Markets (benches and washrooms)
Friends (workplaces and such)
Gas Stations
Grocery Store Bulletin Board
Grocery Carts
Grocery Store Flyers Area
Hair Salons
Hospital Cafeteria 
Hospital Main Entrance
Hospital Waiting Area
Hotel Lobbies
Laundry Mat
Mall Food Court
Mechanics Waiting Area
Movie Theater
Nail Salon
Newspaper Boxes
Pet Groomers
Pool Hall
Public Restrooms
Rec Center
Retirement Center
Smoking Areas of Retail Stores (where workers take break)
Spouses Workplace
Tanning Salon
Tax Office (I got a few customers with H&R Block)
Telephone Booth
Train Station (and on the train)
Yard Sale (if you are having one, leave some books out!)

Leave multiple brochures and cards wherever you roam!
Leaving just one brochure or business card (especially in bigger places) greatly reduces your chances of finding potential customers.  Someone may scoop up that brochure and take it home, but may not find something they want to order.
Generally this would result in them tossing the book away, rather than putting it back where it was originally found.

Asking Permission
Always be polite and ask whether an office or salon is already being serviced by another representative (you don't want to step on any toes).  If they aren't, I have found most salons and offices are more than happy to take a few brochures; you may even gather a few employees as clients.

Remember:  Don't be offended or take it personal if someone says no. 
They are not saying no to you, they are simply saying no to that company.
MLMs are not for everyone…and that's okay 🙂

Out and About
Make sure you always have a few brochures and business cards ready to go in the clear literature bags.
That way no matter where you stop you're ready to find a potential customer!

* * Stopping for a coffee or to use the restroom at the coffee shop? 
Bring two unbagged brochures (leave where newspapers are), and one or two bagged brochures to hang on the back of stall doors; and don't forget that first tip of making sure a business card is stapled to the front of your book!

Good luck on your adventure!
• • • •

Cover: Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels