Sprucing up for Spring with Photowall | A Small Bathroom Makeover

SPRING 2020 Refresh with Photowall…

Small Bathroom Makeover


The timing for this blog post, came as both a blessing and a curse.

Actually, let's start over and send out a BIG thank you to my new friends at Photowall.
Generally thank you's are left until the end of a speech or post, but seeing as Photowall contacted me just at the right time to be part of a Spring blessing, let's acknowledge that first! 
Their PR was more than helpful and of course, during this tough time, courteous and accommodating in the requested time frame required 🙂

Blessings and a Curse
Alright, so a blessing because I love Spring for the sense of freshness and renewal.
Our bathroom has never been touched or done with any sort of decorating sense, and this opportunity posed as the perfect way to bring something new and exciting to the Spring 2020 year.

A little bit of a curse, as the World was thrown into a pandemic and supplies needed (such as paper towels) were scarce.
Not to mention the whole quarantine thing, and people being out of work…things were starting to look really messy out there.

However, that kind of fit in with the blessing, as it gave me a little more time to think about perfect decor.

Who is Photowall
Photowall is a Swedish wall-art company – "Wall Art by Passionate People"
They are your online one-stop-shop for all things wall decor.
Offering murals, wallpaper, posters and canvas prints.

Photowall Offers Excitement!
Photowall not only offers it's clients the ability to make customized wallpapers, murals and canvas prints from your own photos, they can edit them to do as you please! Vintage, color, and remove objects are just a few of the options they offer.
Simply contact them with your idea in mind and they will send you a quote.

With thousands upon thousands of designs available to choose from, you are truly going to give your projects that unique touch.
I highly suggest taking out a rainy day (or of course now, a quarantined day), pouring yourself a big cup of coffee or tea and letting your design inspiration run wild. If you're in need of a little inspo, Photowall has you covered on that too!


Photowall offers beautiful HD pics so you can see the true version of what you will receive.
My preference was the "Budgies – Large"

This isn't your everyday "bulk" and "standard size" poster shop.
At Photowall, your order is MADE to ORDER! 
Meaning you choose your sizing, how much you need, even offering you the ability to customize where the paper is cut.

My Photowall Project

Truth be told, as excited as I was to get this project off and running, I also had a major sense of panic realizing I was leaping way outside my comfort zone in every sort of the sense.  From committing to a bold new design, and then having to actually execute the project itself. 

Photowall feels you on this and helps make your transition to a new vision, simple and stress-free with the their easy to follow instructional videos for whichever product you choose:

DIY Canvas Print

Hanging Wallpaper

How to Install a Wall Mural

You also have the option to download the assembly instructions.

Ahh perfect because like… This is where I started with my bathroom (and it wasn't pretty):

Shipping was FAST and within a couple days I was headed into the project…
When I first received the box of rolled wallpaper, I became a little anxious; wondering things such as "
how will I know where to start with the paper?"…"how will I know where to cut?!".
Naturally, I'm thinking about classic, back-in-the-day wallpaper. 
You know, the kind where you had to figure everything out for yourself and it became a giant headache and an all month (or never ending) chore lol.
I'm an organized person, but I'm not the most coordinated person, so this project had all potential to go very wrong.

…However, Photowall has really simplified the whole process for you.
Your wallpaper will arrive in panels; once rolled out, you can see that each piece is number labeled, along with a dotted cut line.
Incredibly easy to follow!

Another awesome perk to ordering with Photowall, is that they send the plaster you will need 🙂
Luckily our bathroom is small, so the hanging time didn't actually take long at all and the amount of plaster sent was just perfect, in fact we only needed to use half.
Things were coming along smoothly..

Within just a few panels being hung, I was in love.
Naturally, our bathroom is used for it's standard purposes; but it goes beyond that for us.
You really have to make do with what you are handed, and although we don't live luxuriously, this space is regularly used as a place of retreat, to wind down, steam and detox.
A little marketplace 'thrifting' with e-transfers and porch pick up during lockdown, thankfully made it easy to grab some much needed new decor.  A few simple touches to tie it all in and we were ready to show off the finished project!

With the exception of still wanting to add a few more extra details, our "new" bathroom looks absolutely amazing!

Photowall's wallpaper is high quality, the results it has produced is incredibly impressive.
I am stunned at the ambiance this beautiful wallpaper has brought to such a bland space. 

Has our small bathroom, Spring makeover inspired you to start a new project?
…or perhaps you had one in mind and were waiting for the right time to get going.


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Happy Spring!

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** Product has been provided free of charge from Photowall in exchange for honest review.