What Colors Look Good No Matter the Season?

Fashion is something we all have our own opinions on. We all have our own sense of style, and we all like to chop and change whenever the opportunity presents itself.
Usually, this means we change with the weather – we wear warm and snuggly outfits when it’s cold and blustery out, and we wear thin, lacey items when it’s hot and humid in the air.
You want to be able to show off that beach body you worked so hard for, after all!

And if you’re someone who’s all about updating your wardrobe, in order to match the weather outside, make sure you’re aware of what colors look great, no matter what season we’re in!
And here’s just a few of the main shades and tones to get you started.

Photo by Bianca from Pexels


Yellow is a lovely color, for any and all skin types, as well as every single season we know of.
It’s definitely a strong contender for the summertime, but it’s a good shade to put on during the spring, autumn, and winter as well!

Think of bright yellow anoraks for the rainy season, and sprigs of daffodils and daisies for the springtime. And for the summer?
Think of the sun, and click here to imagine the glint of gold rings around your fingers as you stroll down the beach.

Even in the winter, a hint of yellow here and there, in your sweaters and scarves, helps to brighten the rapidly dark days we have to get through.
Yellow pairs very well with those beige overcoats we love to wear when it’s cold out as well!


Blue is one of the most loved primary colors, and it helps to promote a sense of calmness, and even cleverness, when we look at it.
It’s a great color for all of the seasons we go through.
Baby blue in the spring, bright blue in the summer, dark and tinted blues for the autumn, and royal and deep blues for the winter.


Now, green can be a tricky color to try and pair with something else. But when you think about it, green is everywhere in the seasons!
Even when the wintertime comes along, we have green fairy lights to hang up, and green pine Christmas trees to put the presents under.
It can be a very summery AND festive color all at once.

But what shades of green work best in each season?
Well, in the spring you’re going to want to dress in pale tones, to match the growing flowers.
In summer you can go for more of a neon, or bright green, to match the bright sky outside.
And In the autumn, you’ll love dressing in earthy tones of green, to match the dark colors falling all around you.
And in the winter, dark greens will help to promote that evergreen feeling of the festive trees around you.

If you like to dress for the season, make sure you know your colors!

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