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tv store online halloween costume review

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Let's kick off this post with a random, (partially-irrelevant) short story, shall we?
One of my biggest pet peeves with social media today is when I stop by a reviewer (either blog or video) and the first thing they proclaim is "Hey guys, I am SUPER excited to be (insert whatever the reviewer is doing here)!!"
Seriously – Every time I hear or read this, I give out a overly dramatic sigh with a little snort 
Why was this a pet peeve?  Honestly, who knows.  Maybe because it sounds so cliche. 

Everyone is just SO super excited over anything these days and really I wonder if deep down they're just like "UGHH" :))

Anyhoo – Fast forward to present day when I was contacted by to bring my audience a review of their Halloween costumes.
Uh…"Hey guys, it's me Chelsea and I am super excited to be bringing you this review of the Average Joe's Halloween Costumes!!" 

Alright, well here's the thing – I'm serious…
…As I'm now sure other people are too, is the whole point of my babbling haha.
In fact, those may have been close to my exact words when sending back a response.

Guys, this is a big deal to me.  I ADORE Halloween!!   
I mean really though.. Who doesn't? 
Okay, maybe that one dude who stumbled upon my link by accident..but hey!

You may enjoy some other goodies I have in the works for the months ahead; so bookmark me and come on back in a few weeks!

Now back to my ghoulish Halloween lovers and followers.

tv store online hallowen costumes review 3

Basically a giant warehouse online sans overcrowded holiday rushed folk in your way, hour long line ups or sticky-handed children screaming like a banshee through the aisles because a clown wig has now become part of them..
TVSTOREONLINE is just so fun, you may find yourself not only shopping for Halloween goodies, but anything ranging from accessories, to beanies to leggings.  Shop your favorite categories, movies and shows!  

What to do once you get to TVSTOREONLINE.COM
Take your time!  I'm so serious.  Pour yourself a big ol' cup of coffee and prepare to spend a good hour (possibly more?!) on a site that trickles some really cool hidden gems throughout; so be prepared to shop not just for Halloween, but for yourself, for others.. and perhaps for yourself again haha. 
For instance, Breaking Bad Fan?  Check out the Los Pollos Hermanos Red Tumbler Cup . Scroll down the page and you'll find yourself some Los Pollos aprons and t-shirts.

From TV Show Costumes to Comic Book Costumes, there is a bit of something for everyone.
Reasonably priced and ready to make your Halloween as fab as you want!  Venture through the old school selection (70's and 80s children will love the costume options!), going to a party as a couple or in a group?  TVSTOREONLINE has you covered with their colorful variety of Groups and Couples Costumes.  Whatever your fancy, chances are there's an option to fit your needs.

This year, my friends over at TV Store Online asked if I would mind reviewing a Halloween costume of choice.
Naturally, I asked my hubby what he thought would be fun and we decided on the Average Joe’s Dodgeball Team.

Sneak Peek at our Halloween Costume…

official dodgeball costumes

If you have not seen Dodgeball, I highly recommend it for a few good laughs!

With speedy shipping, our costumes arrived and I could not wait to try these baby’s on.
My husband and I were pleasantly surprised at how well the costumes are put together and how great they look!
I’m talking true to size fit and BOLD colors!!
To give you an idea of "fit", my husband is 5'10 with weight of about 135.
Size Large fit perfectly in waist, short length and shirt size. 

tvstoreonline costume reviews average joesFor myself, I am 4'10 with a weight of 90lbs. 
The extra small shirt fit perfectly (long in length, so just tucked in) and long "guy" shorts.
You can always add your own Kate Veatch "girly" shorts, but I really didn't find it necessary – We adored the costumes as it!

A few other props were easily added in, to seal the deal on a finished look.
Our dodgeball was found at WalMart and a couple of red headbands from the Dollar Store.
TvStoreOnline also offers a red headband/wristband combo should you wish to add that in with your costume!

tvstoreonline reviews halloween dodgeball costumeI do not find these costumes to be your average “one-Halloween-wear”.
These could easily be added to your collection and enjoyed for years to come.

average joes halloween costume tvstoreonlineIf you’re looking for a fun and unique costume this year, I highly recommend checking out all the ideas TV Store has to offer!!

Love it?  Grab your group an Average Joe's Costume now!

…and don't forget to visit TVSTOREONLINE.COM to get your awsome costumes, just in time for Halloween!

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