Wifetime of Happiness: Fear Fest 2018

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Last year Wifetime of Happiness brought you a fun Halloween Movie Playlist for the month of October; our own “Fear Fest” if you will.
halloween movie playlist fear fest wifetime of happiness2017’s list was more along the lines of the “cutesy-family-seen a million times” genre; but this year Wifetime wanted to bring in something fresh for teens, adults and horror film fans alike…

This year I have recruited the help of one of my good friends, Amanda, in the search to bring you a brand new, unique and a downright crazy mixed Halloween Movie Marathon; this one’s for the ultimate laid back movie buffs and lovers!

A full feature, 20 movie playlist of B+ Rated, newish and not so newish flicks.  A great way to kick off this crisp Fall weather and ring in one of the most beloved Holidays..Halloween.  Grab that blanket and roll up a bucket o’ popcorn..We’re about to kick off our Wifetime Fear Fest 2018!!

For a fun, pinnable list of these cool movies, click HERE.

halloween movie playlist 1 wifetime fear fest 2018All Hallows Eve (amazon US, CAN)

Bad Kids of Crestview Academy (amazon US, CAN)

Dead & Breakfast (amazon US, CAN)

Deathnote (amazon US)

Evil Dead (amazon US, CAN)

halloween movie playlist 2 wifetime fear fest 2018Get Out (amazon US, CAN)

Leprechaun (amazon US, CAN)

Mom and Dad (amazon US, CAN)

Nosferatu the Vampyre (amazon US, CAN)

Pumpkinhead (amazon US, CAN)

halloween movie playlist 3 wifetime fear fest 2018Puppet Master (amazon US, CAN)

Shrooms (amazon US, CAN)

Sleepaway Camp |1983 (amazon US, CAN)

Slither (amazon US, CAN)

Summer of 84 (amazon US, CAN)

halloween movie playlist 4 wifetime fear fest 2018Terrifier (amazon US, UK)

The Babysitter (amazon US, CAN)

The Tooth Fairy (amazon US, CAN)

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (amazon US, CAN)

Zombeavers (amazon US)
We hope you loved this years Wifetime Fear Fest and thanks again to Amanda and friends for compiling this awesome list!  Enjoy boys and ghouls Muwhaha