Geek Squad Protection Plan | Here is my “new” replacement phone.

On November 2nd, 2017 I contacted Geek Squad to make a claim. Although not (necessary) to the story, I needed a new phone as the one I am using is blacking out, freezing up and the volume is shot.

November 8th, 2017 morning, the “new” phone still had not arrived. I call Geek Squad to inquire. The CSR looks into my file, gives me a UPS tracking number and says “Your phone will be sent out today”. I say excuse me? To say I flew off the handle would be an understatement. You see, this is not the first, second nor even the THIRD time I have had an issue with Geek Squad.

Before I go any further…Let’s take a look into the past 14 months of my personal dealings with Geek Squad:

On (approx) September 14th, 2016. Geek Squad tried to overcharge the amount of my phone claim. I had paid (roughly) $700 for the phone that was in my possession. Upon making my claim, Geek Squad was trying to charge me a security deposit of over $1000. Now you see, it doesn’t matter that they would release the hold after receiving the phone back from me. They went against their own terms and services, all while basically calling me a liar and “making up” rules, even though I was physically holding the receipt from my phone and THEIR TOS in my hand.

Let’s take a little look at Geek Squad Wireless Protection Plan Terms of Service:
Geek Squad Terms of Service Advanced WirelessSo you can clearly see my problem of them wanting to charge a security deposit of over $1000 on what was (I believe, an almost) 2 year old phone and one that was worth (at the time of purchase) ballpark $700.
End result was being issued a gift card so I could go into a Best Buy store and replace my phone, brand new. However, this ordeal took almost one full month to get straightened around and for their hold to be taken off my credit card. October 7th, 2016 to be exact.

Moving on…

June, 2017 I had just recently upgraded my phone. I called Geek Squad to update my information (Geek Squad requires your updated info if anything should change throughout your service term). Since I held two phones with Geek Squad Protection Plan, both accounts would need to be updated. As it turns out CSR had only updated ONE of the accounts. Resulting in going a full month without realizing my husband’s phone did not have insurance. How did I find this out? Not, of course, with Geek Squad notifying me…But when I checked my Credit Card statement and noticed only one Protection Plan payment had came off.
I immediately called Geek Squad to inquire. Basically in these words, Geek Squad CSR rep said “Not our problem”. I’m not kidding. He then proceeded to tell me that they aren’t in the business of telling people their credit cards are expired. Interesting. But are you legally obliged to update information on an account when a customer calls in to do so? Oh yeah. It absolutely is your problem. As I like to say “listen to the call!” because that information absolutely WAS updated, at least through my phone call and knowledge it was. Now tell me, although thankfully it hadn’t happened…What if, within that month, Ryan’s phone needed replaced, repaired etc?

And while Geek Squad seems to love calling people out and basically pinning them as “liars”, the one thing I like to revert back to is – “Please listen to the phone call”, or ask speak to the manager, explain the situation and they will have an obligation to listen to the phone call.

Next up…

On September 17th, 2017 I went into Best Buy to exchange my charger. Exchange of accessories is covered under your Geek Squad Protection Plan. Best Buy CSR rang my charger through, then said “No sorry, you didn’t pay your protection plan”. I said pardon me? I absolutely have, it’s a reoccurring, automatic payment. I show the Best Buy CSR the visa charge taken off by Geek Squad just days before. While standing in the store and both CSR and myself on the phone to Geek Squad, it takes over 30 minutes for Geek Squad to say there’s a problem on their end with (computers??) not going through to Best Buy and that yes, I have paid. This was a Friday and Geek Squad said it would be fixed by Monday. Unacceptable. Best Buy then took matters into their own hands and replaced my charger free of charge anyway; saying not to worry, it wouldn’t be counted toward one on my protection plan.

Present Day (November 2017)…

So now let’s take ourselves back to “present day” Geek Squad problem. November 2nd, 2017 (my initial call for replacement claim). CSR says to me that he will be sending out my “new” phone. Needing to confirm information, he says “32gb, gold, iphone 6”. I said “Not even close”… “128gb, rose gold, 6s”. He says (to the effect) “Oh man”. He then verifies my IME number; confirms that I am right and the IME matches what I have said. Proving yet again.. Geek Squad dropped the ball when I had called earlier in the year to update information on my account.

As I discussed at the beginning of this post, November 8th had arrived and I yet to see my “new” phone. Geek Squad CSR gave me a UPS Tracking number and said the phone would be “shipped out today”. This is when anger kicked in. HERE WE GO AGAIN with this company.

I asked why the phone was only being shipped today when the claim had been made November 2nd. CSR said he would have a manager call me back asap. I asked what time would that be and they said they get in at about 10am (my time). All morning I waited for a managers phone call – None came. At approx 2:20pm, my “new” phone arrives. I open the box and right off the bat notice two things:

1) The box it was shipped in looks pretty banged up. But worse…
2) The camera is CRACKED… on the inside.

The pic below is the “replacement” phone Geek Squad not only sent me, but decides is worth that $1016 security deposit hold.

geek squad replacement phone sent november 8th 2017Oh, by the way…See that value there? That $1016? Geek Squad yet AGAIN breaching their own Terms of Service by not rounding down, or holding a security deposit of “current retail value”.

Carrying on…

I immediately get on the phone with Geek Squad. Now let me just say, at this point I am livid. I speak to a new CSR, tell him the situation and ask (again) to speak to a manager. He puts me on hold, comes back and tells me that no manager is available. Not only are they “not available”… They won’t be available for phone calls for the next 24-48 hours.

I “demand” a new phone be sent in replace of this apparent “new” one they sent. There is NO WAY I am accepting or even touching a phone that is busted. And do you know why?… Because of exactly something like THIS:

Geek Squad CSR now informs me that he will issue another phone (although he is not able to give me details????) but “Mrs. White, I have to let you know…You may be charged the damage fee”. At this point I am really freaking out. I tell him I called so fast that the delivery guy probably isn’t even at the elevator yet and to check the timestamp of signature. There is no way I could have damaged the phone like that..Not to mention, I have no idea HOW that would even happen. The crack is IN the camera. And it’s not unnoticeable, so WHY was it even given the “okay” to send?? Geek Squad CSR also informs me that the “new” phone being sent out will be a refurb. I said “Absolutely not. My phone is new”. CSR then laughs, or let’s call it “snickers” and says “Your phone is not new. It’s 2 years old”.

Are we sure about that Geek Squad?

Receipt for FIRST phone: September 30th, 2016 (this was the phone I bought with my Geek Squad Gift Certificate from the first hassle). iPhone 6, 64gb, Silver.

And now let’s remember that upgraded phone I did earlier this year JUNE 2017. iPhone 6s, 128gb, Rose Gold

PLEASE tell me this is a joke. I tell the CSR that if I am charged the damage fee, I will be taking this to court and the police. CSR puts me on hold again, comes back and tells me I am not allowed to contact the police and I need to keep his name out of it, but I can call the Better Business Bureau if I wish to take this further.

He then tells me he will make sure a manager calls me. Before I allow the call to end, I ask for some specific details and information, such as:

“What are the notes you have just written on my account, verbatim” . I ask this because I want to make sure that it is being properly documented. Clearly Geek Squad can no longer be trusted. He tells me that he’s not allowed to give me that information. Although when I question it and say “So you’re telling me you will not give me that information?” he says “That’s not what I said”. BUT.. It IS what he said. Over and over and over again.

The inconsistencies with Geek Squad just keep coming:

I ask the CSR to start the process of issuing my replacement. He says he cannot do that while I am on the phone with him. What? Why? With my initial call on November 2nd that specific CSR was able to go ahead an issue a new phone? He then gives me this gibberish story (something about) my credit card needing verified and whatnot.

At this point the phone call is literally making NO sense. I told the CSR that on my initial call (November 2nd) the guy hadn’t verified the card number, nor the name on the credit card with me. The CSR (again) basically calls me a liar; at this point I say “Are you calling me liar?”. Because people again… LET’S PULL UP THAT PHONE CALL. Absolutely NO VERIFICATION happened. NONE. So why is this a big deal?…Because the CSR’s at Geek Squad absolutely have access to CC information (last 4 digits) AND also now makes even less sense when the CSR said he needs to “verify information”. If you need to verify information in order to process the claim… WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO END THE PHONE CALL?!

Geek Squad has been nothing but consistent in making (at least this) customers claims 100x more stressful than necessary. And to put it quite frank, many of the customer service reps I have had the displeasure of dealing with over the course of a year come across as very egotistical.

I want to be clear about something here…

Best Buy “itself” isn’t to blame. In fact, I adore Best Buy. They have gone above and beyond what any company ever has or, in my opinion would, to make things right or to make sure their customers are satisfied. For the most part, every interaction I have had with BEST BUY directly has been a pleasant one.

Geek Squad is a little branch of Best Buy. And this nonsense lays solely on them.

I don’t know what the outcome will be in regards to this (will update when / if it happens). It is now November 9th.. 7 days into a claim which should have been swiftly, done and over with within a few. A little insight to Geek Squad Protection Plan here.. I pay $14.68 for their “insurance”. Basically, 15 bucks a month to get slapped in the face, should an issue arise and you have to actually use your insurance.

UPDATE as of November 14th, 2017
November 9th, 2017 (10:15am): Spoke to a manager at Geek Squad. Advised him to read this post so I would not have to reiterate the whole confusing story. Manager then said he would be escalating the situation.
November 9th, 2017 (approx 12:40pm): Higher up at Geek Squad calls to discuss the situation. I was then told I would be sent another empty box to now send (both) phones back (mine and the damaged one GS sent out) and that I would be sent 2 gift cards in order to replace my phone directly from Best Buy. One gift card for the current value of my phone and another gift card ($100) because chances of me being able to replace the phone I have now would be slim.
Now, let’s back track again for a minute…
While discussing the issues with higher up, he asked if I held 2 policies with them. I told him yes, but when I called on November 2nd to make the claim on my phone, I had also called to update my husbands policy with his new phone information. CSR then told me I was not allowed to do that because my husbands new phone was not purchased directly from Best Buy. He then cancels out my husbands policy and issues back $14.19 to my credit card. Now, to be honest here.. This part is very confusing in the (November 2nd) phone call. But basically, nearing the end of the call CSR realizes my husband could have in fact, kept his policy…But brushes it off like an “oh well” since he had already canceled it out and issued the refund. Result? My husband still doesn’t have insurance on his phone.

Back to “present” issue…
November 9th, 2017 (approx 3:23pm) Geek Squad higher up calls back to confirm my CC information and also informs me that I have (yet again) been overcharged for the security deposit. Current retail value of my phone is $799. A far cry from the $1016 Geek Squad is holding. I am then told I would receive a $200, rather than the $100 I was initially told. Again, this is due to the fact that I most likely will not get another phone under $1000, never mind the one I currently have.

November 13th, 2017
Empty box arrives from Geek Squad. No gift cards yet. November 14th, 2017 (7:16pm)
I received 1 e-gift card from Best Buy for the amount of $621.50

November 15th
Spoke to higher ups, as not only did I not receive the amount needed in my gift card, Geek Squad was also still holding $1016 on my Credit Card. Higher up released the full hold on my credit card.

November 16th
Received another Gift Card for $400 from Best Buy

November 18th
Replaced phone at Best Buy

November 19th
Spoke to Geek Squad to let them know the phone had now been exchanged. There started to be some problems with wanting to restart my contract, rather than just continue it. CSR put me on hold, read notes on account and straightened things out. Also updated new information today.

November 21st
Sent both old phone (mine) and defective phone (from Geek Squad) back via UPS