Daily Routine: 5 Quick and Simple Tips for a Tidy Home

I say this genuinely and it’s that I really feel we could all use a more relaxed, less stressful kind of life.
how to keep your house cleanKeeping up with housework should not add to the stress of every day life, but sometimes it can get right out of hand.
That’s life, and sometimes things will get messy, but it’s easy enough to look after things properly once you know how…

Here are 5 quick and easy steps I like to take in keeping a less stressed, tidy household. These are little tips you can implement into everyday life and soon enough, they will just become routine!

1) Pick up (and put away) as you go
So easy, yet never done? haha. Something I keep in mind when learning to pick up and put away as I go is; am I walking past an item that isn’t in it’s place? Will I be headed to, or past where that item belongs? If yes, then why am I contemplating putting it away. This cluttery aspect of life tends to happen with shoes, coats, purse etc. Have you walked past the front closet after walking in the door? Yes? Then why am I tripping over pairs of shoes and hanging my coat and purse on the kitchen chair? Ahhh. 

2) Everyday look at your house the same way you do when company’s coming
You know what I’m talkin’ about haha. The scurrying everywhere to hide any “junk”, do up the dishes and whatever other nonsense we have left laying around. One way I stay tidy is by always looking at my house how I would if someone was coming over. No need to go nuts with it, but keeping a bit of organization is key. Implementing simple steps to making this a routine is easy. Straighten pillows, quick wipe glass furniture, drape the throw blanket, pay bills and put mail away as it comes in etc. All small things, but they certainly can add up to the amount of “quick tidying” you have do. 

3) Fold and put laundry away the same day
I feel like laundry is one thing that tends to throw me off track. Whether it’s because it has piled up through the week, or I’m staring at a basket of clean clothes that need folded or even when I *have* folded the clothes, yet just placed the basket aside and didn’t put them away. Why am I living out of the clothes basket when I have a closet and drawers? crying This chore is like a band-aid (okay, more like the wound underneath)…But seriously: the quicker you pull it off, the less painful. Do it, fold it…put it away. No excuses!

4) Put the dishes away
Any form of clutter can have you feeling disorganized or bogged down. You may not even realize it, but once you start implementing little habits to help kick that bit of cluttery mess, I think you’ll be amazed at how great you actually begin to feel. One thing I love about always having the dishes put away, is that it actually motivates me to want to prepare food. When I see a mess in the kitchen and things that need to get done, the thought of having to chop veggies, prepare a meal etc is just too much. With nice clean counters and room to work… It’s like a burst of creative energy come meal time.

5) Make the bed…every day
I know, it’s “annoying” or maybe you don’t think it’s worth it. I mean, who’s going to see it? And besides, if someone comes over you can just close the bedroom door, right? Just try it, trust me. Open the curtains (letting the sun in makes a World of a difference!), crack the windows and give a little spray of fabric freshener to the sheets and furniture. I know it seems like a pain, but when you look at the big picture of how “cluttered” a room is (remember that basket of laundry?) I think you’ll start to feel a real sense of comfort looking at your room from a different angle. A fresh and clean angle ?

Really I could give 5+ more tips, but you know what…It’s not necessary (yet). There is no need to overwhelm yourself (that’s how things get out of control to begin with). Get into the habit of just a few tips and then see where that takes you. Not after long you will be on a roll to knowing what works “quickly” for your lifestyle.

What tips would you give to someone who wants to start a daily cleaning routine? Share with me in the comments!

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