Costume Ideas for Couples

costume ideas for couples

I love creativity and am always in awe at those Do it yourselfers, especially when it comes to putting together a really unique and fun Halloween costume.  Me?  I’ve been a cat for about 25 of the past 38 Halloweens, because I’ve really mastered the whole cat nose with my eyeliner.  Thank you, thank you.

Alright, enough chit chat; I take it you’re here for some ideas.  Well, I may not be creative when it comes to throwing my own costume together, I am however not too shabby at coming up with a few ideas that might be right for someone else.

Of course you want these costumes to not only be easy to find and put together, but also budget friendly.  It’s why I haven’t gone over the top with things in this list.  I’ll link to a few of the “standard” couples costumes, really though I like to keep it simple but fun and hopefully a little unique!
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Any Favorite Celebrity Couple
Any Favorite TV Show Couple (Al and Peg Bundy for example)
Archie and Betty
Archie and Veronica
Barney and Betty Rubble
Bert and Ernie
Betty and Jughead
Bonnie and Clyde
Butcher and Animal Escapee
Cat and a Ball of Yarn
Cat and Mouse
Chucky and Bride of Chucky
Clark Kent and Lois Lane
Cop and Robber
Dead Bride and Groom
Dead Tourists
Dexter and Rita
Farmer + Farm Animal
Firefighter and Dalmation
Firefighter and Victim
Fred and Barney
Fred and Wilma
Good vs Evil (satan v. jesus)
Grandma and Grandpa
Homer and Marge Simpson
Hunter and Deer
Hugh Hefner and Playboy Bunny
Jack and Jill (went up a hill, to fetch a pail of water…)
Ken and Barbie
Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf
Naughty Nurse and Patient
Pebbles and Bamm Bamm
Pilot and Stewardess
Prom King and Queen (or dead prom king and queen)
Puppeteer and Puppet
Regan and Priest from The Exorcist
Rockstar and Groupie
Santa and Elf
Santa and Mrs Claus
Scared Child vs. Monster
Sonny and Cher
Tacky Vacation Tourists
Trophy Wife and Old, Sloppy Husband
Vampire and Victim
Zombie and Victim

Do you have any great suggestions for a fun couples Halloween costume? What have you and your other half dressed up as?  Leave me a comment below – Let’s chat!!