Hilarity of the Week! Funniest Facebook Comments for the Week of February 6th, 2017 *VOTE*

Hilarity of the Week: Funny Facebook Comments!
New Year, Fresh New Humor!
funny facebook comments
Welcome to Wifetime of Happiness' Funny Facebook Comments Competition.  Welcome old and new readers!  

For those who know the game, the rules are the same.  For those who are just venturing over.. The rules are simple.  Each week I post 3 funny comments I have found around Facebook, scroll to the bottom and vote for your favorite!  This game is all in fun and no ill will is intended.  

Last Week's Winner: Rear Ended
Last Week's Selections, Click HERE

This Week's Comments ⇒

…Because in case stuffing the Turkey's rear wasn't enough, there's this: 

funny facebook comments nice family thanksgiving story

Eh-Oh!…Whoa, Po?!

funny facebook comments po goes bad

The Fallen One.. RIP Harambe!
funny facebook comments who is harambe

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