10 Creepy Superstitions: Goosebumps Trigger.

1, 2, something's coming for YOU.
creepy-superstitionsThese creepy superstitions are guaranteed to have you paranoid for life!

I don't know about anyone else – But superstitions have always been a part of my (crazy) life.  There, I declared my insanity right off the bat, so now we all don't have to assume :))  I can't exactly say "where" my superstitions stemmed from, but I do know they've been incorporated almost on a daily basis, into my life since childhood.  As I like to call them, these are the general "every day" superstitions that are still part of my life today.

Silly things such as:
•  Lifting feet when going over a railroad track​
• Never put your purse on the floor 
(you will lose money)
•  Twitching Eyes (Right Eye: Bad Luck. Left Eye: Good Luck)
•  Itchy Palms (Right Palm: Money Coming In.  Left Palm:  Money Going Out)
•  Don't stop making the bed halfway through (it will bring a restless nights sleep)
•  Itchy Elbows (Right Elbow: Exciting News is on the way.  Left Elbow: Means a loss is coming)

…Alright, I'm just gonna stop there.  I've said I'm crazy and I don't need to prove myself any more here haha.  So although there may be some "goofy" type superstitions out there – There are also some that are just down right creepy or weird.  In light of one of our most beloved seasons and holiday just around the corner (October and Halloween in case you didn't catch that) – I thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of the creepiest superstitions out there.

1.  In Turkey, it is believed that those who chew gum at night, are actually chewing flesh of the dead.  Hey – At least they don't have to worry about it getting stuck in their hair #AmIRite? :))

2.  If a doorbell rings and no one is there when you have answered it, it is said that you have now invited a spirit into your house.  Gah – *shivers*  At this house, we knock.

3.  To laugh excessively is very unlucky.  As the saying goes "Laugh till you cry, Sorrow till you die".  I really don't like the direction that's headed.  Perhaps funny hubby has some sort of agenda :))

4.  Do not cut your hair or nails on a Sunday, for the Devil will be with you all week.  Duly noted.

5.  After the marriage ceremony, whoever walks from away the alter first, will be the first to die.  Well, looks like this superstition just ruined looking back at our wedding video…ever.

6.  If a dead person's eyes are left open, he will find someone to take with him.  I can't possibly imagine a scenario where this would even happen.  Nonetheless, still creepy.  Magic Sunglasses anyone

7.  If a mirror in the home falls by itself and shatters, someone in that house will soon pass.  How does my hair look?  Is my shirt inside out?  Daaang son, who the hell cares anymore?!  Say goodbye to that mirror, because we do not take chances.

8.  If there are 3 people photographed together, the middle one will be the one to die first.  Okay sooo…No looking back at girls night out photos either and structure a plan how this can be avoided next time.  I'm thinking some sort of cheerleader pyramid.

9.  Hearing 3 knocks in a row with no cause for sound, means someone you know will soon die.  Knock Knock, whose there?  Just kidding.  Don't answer that!

10.  It is considered the "Devil's Luck" to have 13 letters in your name.  Seriously…Check out this list of terrible people, all whom which had "The Devils Luck".

Okay, so I think I've creeped myself out enough for one night…or maybe even a lifetime.  Hopefully this list gave you a few chills as well – Hey, share with your friends to scare the hell out of them too! :))
didnt-forward-chain-letterRemember:  There are plenty of happy and lucky superstitions out there as well – Maybe some that will help ward off the evilness of the ones above.  Muhahaha.

Are there any creepy superstitions you would add to the list?
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Happy Halloween!!
Mrs White Dexter Sig

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