30 Day Blog Challenge: 2016 Fall Edition

30 Day Blog Challenge
30 Day Blog ChallengeThe 30 Day Blog Challenge: Fall Edition. Come on in and let's get started!

Hey Guys!
Welcome to The 30 Day Blog Challenge!

…Or if you prefer, The 30 Day Facebook Status Challenge.
A perfect way to kick off the Fall Season!

Starting September 1st, I would love to invite all my readers, family and friends (that includes everyone over at Wifetime of Happiness on Facebook) to SHARE with me!  So get ready for 30 days of FALL FUN as each new day, will bring a brand new question!

How does it work?
Easy Peasy…
Every morning during the month of September I will post a new (Fall-Themed) question.
You can find that question very easily by:
•  Signing up for my newsletter (located at the top right hand side)
•  Joining us on Facebook (Wifetime of Happiness)
•  Checking back here (www.wifetimeofhappiness.com) every morning!

Be sure to SHARE your answers, let's get YOUR friends and family involved too!
So Tweet, Pin, Like or Share!!

Feel free to #HASHTAG those statuses with the proper hashtag of the day!

* NOTE:  In order for me to see a hashtagged status, the status *must* be made public.  If you don't feel comfortable with that option, just come on over to our actual Facebook Page or answer the daily question right here at the bottom, in the comments!

I hope you'll all enjoy this Fall Activity and I am excited to get us all engaging!
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