The Ultimate Golden Girls Experience {Thank You for Being a Friend} : Review

The Ultimate Golden Girls Experience:  Thank You for Being a Friend…
On stage now through September 24th, 2016!The Golden Girls ExperienceJoin me for my review of the Ultimate Golden Girls Experience at the Al Green Theatre, Toronto…

The Golden Girls TorontoSEATING
Tickets were a pretty penny if you wanted to be first in line, up close and personal and with VIP “Kitchen Table” Seating.  The concept of the VIP Experience (aka Kitchen Table Seating) was charming.  A kitchen table setting complete with a flowery table cloth and a slice of cheesecake.  A bit disappointed to see no coffee was served {nor were we allowed to bring any beverage in}.  I just can’t imagine the ‘girls’ inviting someone into their home without offering coffee!  Okay, maybe Stan :))
Now, when I say “up close and personal” with seating, it’s literal.

golden girls experience vip seatingPerhaps a little too close for seats 1 & 2.  Viewing was a bit awkward, as looking up for 2 hours isn’t really ideal (picture front row at the movie theater, but close enough to touch the screen).  I assume the VIP Seating, middle tables would be the “best” in house; but I do think we got our money’s worth, even if it wasn’t perfect.  Hopefully they can work some of the bugs out of that for future shows.

Because nothing…and I do mean nothing says Golden Girls like a nice chunk of cheesecake…

golden girls experience al green theatre
and Shady Pines…
Golden Girls Shady Pines Keychain
I absolutely adore my Shady Pines souvenir keychain, but can honestly say I am beyond disappointed with the lack of souvenirs for sale. My friend recently ordered a lovely Custom floating keychain for her workplace so I was hoping they’d have some of those here. They didn’t, unfortunately! I (along with the other people seated at our table) were fully expecting some cool things to be available for purchase after the show.  When we inquired about souvenirs/goodies for sale, we were told that there were some, but they would only be available with shows in the coming weeks.  In my opinion…That was an incredible PR FAIL.  I can only speak for myself in this aspect, but I went with full intentions of spending and grabbing some awesome treats afterward!  The keychain was included as part of the VIP Package, which was nice and apparently that would be for sale to regular seated guests; but that was it.  This failed aspect fully affected the “experience” as a whole for me.  It’s go big or go home for this fan and sadly I had to go home (somewhat) empty handed.  I’ll probably never get over it.  I know…dramatic lol.  But hey what can I say?  When you’re a hardcore fan, you really want it all :))

golden girls living roomWalking into the theater and just seeing the girls’ living room was an incredible feeling!  I wouldn’t say  I’m an overly emotional person, however the 80’s, 90’s and the Golden Girls have played such a major role in my life growing up and even how I live my life today.  Like I’m talking…I have wicker, because the Golden Girls are actually the ladies I strive to be! Haha.  Without giving *anything* away, whoever the creative genius behind the “nostalgic” breaks in the show is, deserves huge kudos.  Brilliantly sending the audience back to a happier time in life and TV Land and uniquely engaging us with memories.  

Of course I’d save the *best* for last!  Without this wonderful cast, there wouldn’t have been such an amazing show to see!

the golden girls experience toronto cast
Having watched productions of other classic TV shows (or even remakes of classic movies), I did worry about how the dialogue would change the tune of the show.  I was super relieved to hear only a few modern day jokes and that Thank You for Being a Friend mainly stuck to what the Golden Girls actually was/is – fabulously flawless.  Each cast member performed their role incredibly well and right on cue.  The quick-wit and snarky remarks from Sophia, Dorothy’s dry sarcasm, poor ol’ confused Rose and of course, the overly theatrical dramatic traits of Blanche were all very well portrayed.  Dorothy had me laughing out loud, even when there wasn’t a joke.  Oscar Moreno plays multiple (non-puppet) roles in the show and as well, has each role perfected.  I loved that you could see the enthusiasm and happiness in not only his characters, but his demeanor.  I can imagine as the weeks proceed the casts chemistry will only get stronger!  5 stars all around for teamwork and laughter!!

All in all, even if I am bummed about the souv’s, I can’t complain –  It was an amazing, reminiscent night out on the town for me and hubby! Although, truth be told…I would have loved an opportunity to purchase an actual behind-the scenes type VIP experience; perhaps a meet and greet or photo op with the puppets or a photo op on the stage.  That would have been the icing on the cheesecake!

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