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How to Create a Coupon Binder Pile of Coupons







How to Create a Coupon Binder…

Couponing is a great way to save money.
But having so many can be overwhelming and seem like a pain in the %@# to sort through.  This usually leads to your coupons not being put to use.

Today I am going to show you a great way to stay organized with your coupons, so you can start saving your money!

Coupon Meme
     You will Need:
     Plastic Envelope Sleeves
     Baseball Card Sleeves











Let's start by putting your binder together!
I have used dividers to label categories of coupons.  
This will vary from household, as each person will have different categories they need.

For reference, here is a pic of my labels and dividers:

Coupon Binder Filing

The labels I have made up are:

Fast Food
Health & Beauty
Rebates & Receipts

To begin the binder, I have placed 3 baseball card sleeves in the very front.
It is not a labeled section – But this is where I keep my main coupons, which would be Grocery.
I have also put 3 baseball card sleeves in each category, thereafter.

How I organize each category:
Household: Cleaners, Tissue etc
Health & Beauty: Shampoo, Lotion etc
Pet: Pet food etc
Fast Food:  All those flyers that pile up in your kitchen junk drawer. (Just cut the coupons out!)
Baby: Food, toy discounts etc
Freebies:  Anything I have a free item for
Rebates & Receipts:  This is here I keep gift cards, lottery tickets, receipts and any "free" item coupon, that may not fit in a baseball card sleeve.  I keep this pocket sleeve at the very back of the binder.  (see below)

How to Create a Coupon Binder

Now you can start to organize your other categories!
Before you begin, section off all the coupons into their respective category..  
It makes things much easier!  
Here is an example:

Coupon Pile

You are now ready to put your coupons, where they belong!  
Here is an example of how my main grocery page, looks:

Coupon Organization

And here is how that huge pile of mess that was on your table, in your purse or shoved in a pocket, will now look!

Create a Coupon Binder

Now you are very easily able to glance through your coupons, while writing out your weekly shopping list!  To bring my coupons to the grocery store, I put them in each category.  Then label, paperclip and put into a little envelope 🙂  I usually send my husband to look for the fun stuff lol.


I hope this has helped you out!  
Have fun!

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